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Thanks for your feedback! Glad you like the heal bullet idea.

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Thanks for the feedback! It does needs strategy and more interesting level designs to become a good game I think.


Thanks for the complement! Good to know that you like the dark humor!

Glad you like the heal design! And yes, player should be able to hold down mouse to shoot XD, thanks for the feedback!

Good advice! I'll add that in the next version.

Thanks for such detailed feedback! Glad you liked the game!

Thanks sooo much! That means a lot to me!


Glad you like it! Also sorry for the nauseous XD

Good advice!

Thanks for the feedback. Lovely to know that the levels fits your taste. Also, praise the PARTICLES!! HAHA.

Busy and fun!

Good game! It's fun to roll all the good buffs to enemy and bads one to player XD

Fun idea! Love that when you roll a dice, other conbination got disorgnized XD

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Great point! It's would be fun to add a move counter and let player figure out how to minimize each level. Thanks for telling me how you feel about the game, makes my day!:D

Unique idea! place down the carrots and watch how the knight moves is quite fun.

The maneuver to land with a right number while also consider the positioning is quite impressive experience!

Fun gameplay, Great music!

Nice take on the genre!! Great level design(we do have some levels that share the same design thoughtsXD), Also love the character:D

Love the drop ball game XD

Wonderful game!!! one of the most creative in this jam certainly. Makes real good use of the theme! The stoping at mid-air then chose another direction gameplay is amazing!

Whoa, You noticed the cursor!!XD, that means a lot to me:D

Nice one. Good level design, good art, dope feeling.

WHOA Perfect art and juicy animation. The build your dice gameplay is just so amazing and fun. Definitely one of the best.

Art So Cute :D

Great feel, great presentation!! Great fun!

Perfert game for the theme. The roll a number card is so fun and creative!!!

Engaging combat, cool!

Great level design!!! so enjoyable!

The mechanics are well introduced. It's just satisfying to pull off each automation!

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Your level design is just amazing, all the puzzles are about understanding instead of busy work. Yours is the best in the match top face genre!!!


Give me the feeling of being a boss more than any other game!!!

Cool combat system, but would it be better if the opponent has a different weapon? :) Looking forward to your final game!

The vibe!

Perfect art! And genuinely fun, one of the BEST

Prasize the Juice!!!