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Hi! Thank you for your feedback, we'll look into the bug. As for your questions:

  • The cross is intended to represent a die cube flattened on a surface, it is just a visual gimmick, the red/orange tabs allow you to switch between dice, as you can have up to four, each rolled individually and with its own set of faces.
  • The blue icon is a shield that shows you how many shields you've accumulated that round.

Thanks for playing!

Simple yet very addictive i kept playing for longer than I thought!

Really cool puzzle game and an interesting take on the theme.

Really original take on the theme and a great overall game!

Great game! The art is really cool and the concept is very original yet simple enough to grasp it quickly.

I really loved this game, it was extremely original and the art was really good. I would have liked that the range (4-8) options came more frequently as they were the most challenging and interesting.

The game is absolutely gorgeous and the mechanic is really interesting though only being able to choose one of the dice options made it really easy to lose.

I really liked the concept but the game can become a bit tedious after a while.

This game has a very original mechanic, the presentation is really clean and elegant and the puzzle design was extremely interesting. One of the best games i've tried so far!