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Hey! I love using Bitsy and I was wondering if folks here have brought this to after school programs or similar educational programs for kids. I don't remember where but I think I saw an autobiographical twine game event and I am leaning towards something like that. I'm thinking middle-schoolers to maybe junior high - would anyone have any tips or resources? 


thank you, your comment brings me comfort 🤍

hooray! i'm excited to try out that find feature

i needed this for my party

I love it

The hand drawn style is so good!

nice tutorial and styles!

I crashed into every wall!

Games based on art history is fun!

Great! I love throwing compliments at people haha.

The lighting effect is great!

Very fun! Worth the download. The music is nice and the cha-chings are rewarding.

Great! I would love a smoother turn when you press Left or Right but overall nice! The horse clomping was great.

Nice! My fingers are too slow for it but I had fun!

I would LOVE more easily embedded accessibility features. Off the top of my head: 

  • colorblind visualizations - you could show how different palettes could look different to different people and then design accordingly.
  • to translate these games to blind games, you could have the ability to add sounds for walls, items and have text to speech.
  • for dyslexia you can opt for the open-dyslexic font instead of the classic low bit fonts (I know, I love the standard font too but it'll be good to have the option!)

I love the work you're doing!

(1 edit)

It's great! I had issues with the door registering that I'm there BUT I loved it nonetheless.

Edit: I didn't realize that I had to press Down when I'm at a door! I got much farther now. The first time I must've hit it by accident.

I kept dying at the first or second stage! I'd make the avatar just a little bit smaller or have a 'forgiveness depth' so non-dexterous players can get a little bit ahead.

"Coffee, that most remarkable companion! It will never desert you!" I shall speak these words every morning from here on out. Loved it! I'm so happy to see a Twine game on here. 

It was fun! I'm sure there is impressive logic under the hood 100%. I would've liked more assistive UI to tell me what's going on, what the values of my cards could be. With the logic under the hood, it would be great to know all the possible sums my hand could total up. 

It's a fun little fetch quest game for your neighbors! There's a memory component which I thought worked pretty well!

It's a nice way to teach Unity concepts! I don't fully get whatr the pupils are trying to build with the water gun so it was pretty funny to me. There was a bit of a sizing issue when it comes to the webGL, I had to fullscreen so I can see all the questions and text. The audio was pleasantly corny and good. Thumbs up.

It was a nice easy platformer that wasn't too punishing! I have terrible reflexes so I really favored that. The squirrel rescue sounds are super cute so that's top marks for audio from me and I loved the compliments they give you upon rescue. 5 out of 5 acorns.

Thanks for the feedback! 

I fixed the  leaving apartment dialog to match reality. Thanks for noticing that!

I can't really change the dialog keys because it's built in by the development tool I'm using, Bitsy. :( 

I'm kind of not sure what kind of music to give this game though! I'm not even sure whether it even needs a track. Some of the text is funny, some of it is kind of uncomfortable and I wouldn't want to take away the impact. I'll have to think about it!

Thank you for your kind words!

looking forward to it!

super nice! thanks for making it <3 


Love it!