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Scary, scary game!

This game is addictive! Love the music, art and concept of it.

Love the concept! The head bobbing hurt my head after awhile.

This is awesome. Love the look of the game, your choice of music and the little intro dialogue.

Thank you very much for playing my game :)

Thank you very much :)

Thank you for playing my game!

Thank you for playing my game.  Thank you also for the advice, it was the first time I have created a third person controller, I love  a first person controller more.

Thank you, Dekiru. I nearly had a heart attack, my brain couldn't comprehend for a moment what was going on. I thought I missed the dead line and this is the voting period. [Lol}

Good luck to you too!

Thank you :)

Thank you very much for playing my game :

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed playing it.

Thank you!

Good luck! See you in the jam! :)

Thank you for the encouragement, I won't give up. As for the backstory, I love to read and has a huge imagination, hope I can bring to life the story with the game. Are you participating in the game jam?

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I haven't participated in a game jam for a very long time. I love the theme and it attracted me to participate in the hope I could create something fun and scary.  Well, fun for me and scary for you as the player. Now let's hope my scope isn't too big and I can finish before the end whistle.{Scope is my weak point in a game jam, my dreams are always too big]

My GGD - Game Design Document

THEME: Sacrifice                    LIMITATION: Failure is inevitable


Sacrifice is a 'Point & Click' roleplaying game.


  • Combat
  • Storytelling
  • Exploration


Ari and Rumi are twin sisters, living in a little hut on the outskirts of the village Bergville. They have always been treated as outcasts by the villagers, a puzzle Rumi found the answer to, when she confronted the village's herbalist in the forest. Ari and Rumi's father tried to sacrifice the Chief's son in a demonic blood ritual, before its completion their father was killed by the Chief's guards. Their mother begged the Chief for leniency, he granted it in exchange of her becoming his leman(their mother was a beautiful woman and the Chief lusted after her ever since their arrival in his village). She agreed to save her little girls from the village's wrath, but the contract didn't last long before she became ill and died. 

Nobody wanted the two little girls, except an old woman living on the edge of the village. Life was harsh, but Ari and Rumi learned to live in harmony with the old woman. She started to teach them when they were old enough how to hunt, skin and preserve their prey and winters became a tad more tolerable. After Rumi discovered the old woman's spell book, she reluctantly started teaching Ari and Rumi some spells out of it, always with the caution to not perform magic in front of the villagers. After the old woman's death, the two girls struggled on, trying to live ordinary lives, but everything changed on their eighteenth birthday. 


  • Combat system
  • Enemy AI
  • Damage & Health system
  • Inventory system 


  • Left Mouse Button - Point & Click
  • Middle Mouse Button - Zoom in & out from player
  • Right Mouse Button - Attack
  • A & D keys/ arrow keys - rotate around player
  • Tab - Inventory
  • Esc - Pause Menu

6. ART STYLE - Fantasy/ Medieval atmosphere with dark tones

7. AUDIO  - Fantasy/ Medieval (orchestral) 

8. PLATFORM - Windows

9. TO - DO - LIST

  • GGD - Game design document - DONE!
  • Gather resources and assets - DONE! 
  • Open project in Unity - DONE! 
  • Player movement - DONE!
  • Create level
  • Enemy AI
  • Damage & Health System & UI
  • Inventory & UI
  • Combat system(weapons & spells)
  • Audio
  • Post Processing
  • Lightning
  • Test playing


    Thank you for reading! Breakfast time! See you later!

    Lots of love...

    Rona Hattingh

    You too!

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    No, because you made a copy of the game, the copied file will become your open source file. You are uploading two different files, one is the game file with the free assets and the other is the open source file with the deleted assets.

    The created game file with free assets looks like this:

    You cannot see the asset file.

    I still need to try this, haven't done this in years. In theory, after you have created your final game. Go to where your game is stored in "Unity Games".  Find your game and make a copy. Open the copy, it will look something like this:

    Open the "Assets" file and find all the free assets from the Asset store and delete them.

    Remember to create a text file with links to the free assets and add it to this file, zip it up and upload it for the game jam.

    Hope this will work.

    The game will still have all the free assets from the asset store, but the open source information will have a text file with links to the erased free assets. Your code and everything else will still be available to be seen in your open source.


    It would be interesting to see what kind of game they come up with. Probably blow our minds away.

    No, you don't need to be active on social media like Discord or any other media to participate in this jam. BUT it will help you communicate and share ideas with other game developers who are also participating if you join Brackey's Discord.

    Usually I will take the theme and google the meaning of it, to get a clearer picture. From there I will choose how I will use it in a game.

    Keep your scope small, keep in mind how much time you actually have to spend on game development and keep a few hours before you submit your game to polish it( sound effects, music, main menu, special effects, pause menu, game page etc.) Most important: HAVE FUN!

    Thank you very much. 😁

    Thank you very much!

    Thank you for playing my game :)

    Thank you for playing my game.

    You can use any(paid, free) assets, as long as you have the right to use them from the artist.


    Thank you for playing my game. Thank you for your input and advice. Unfortunately I wish I could do more, but before I got myself I had more than 2 Gb in size and I had to start cutting down and making other plans for things I put into the game.

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    Thank you for playing my game, sorry there was issues with the  resolution, I usually make my games in 1920 X 1080, but you can change it to smaller resolutions in the settings menu. I will add your resolution to my settings-menu's resolutions. I will also add a "escape" button to the opening sequence.

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    The answer is the spaceship. (Thank you for playing my game.)

    Thank you 😁

    Thank you very much, will do.

    Thank you :)

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    Hi Outstar. I have always been fascinated by the Tremere, am I allowed to take license and create a bit of a history about a dirty little secret the Tremere created when they were trying to prolong their lives through experimentation and vampirism?