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Rona Hattingh

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Thank you very much! I am still having fun with my project and are excited to see what the end result will look like.

Working on my map system.

Pick up map to activate the map mechanism.  

It looks very interesting, I hope you get to finish. I would love to play it.

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Where to find my project, nothing to download yet!

I started my game in  Metroidvania Month 23, theme "Ancient" and hopefully I will end it in the Super Edition. Life at the moment is just to busy to finish in MVM 23. The platformer part is completed, but some RPG elements remains to be added and the story line.

Hope to show more soon!

Thank you.

Can you play as one of the following underwater creatures?

1. Fishman

2. Octopus-man 

3. Crab man

4. Sea-turtle man

5. Mantis man

According to Wikipedia in a nutshell:

  •  guided non-linear gameplay ( a nonlinear game may permit multiple sequences to finish the game, a choice between paths to victory, different types of victory, or optional side-quests and subplots)
  • a large interconnected world map the player can explore and progress in, although parts of the world will be inaccessible to the player until they acquire special items, tools, weapons, abilities, or knowledge within the game.
  • acquiring such improvements ( special items, tools, weapons, abilities or knowledge) can also aid the player in defeating more difficult enemies and locating shortcuts and secret areas, and often includes retracing one's steps across the map. 
  • Through this, you need tighter integration of story and level design, careful design of levels and character controls to encourage exploration and experimentation, and a means for the player to become more invested in their player character through role-playing elements.
  • Metroidvania games can be two-dimensional side-scrolling platform games, and also top-down and 3D games.

Hope it helps.

Thank you for playing my game and thank you for your advice it is very much appreciated.

Thank you for playing my game. Yes, I realised just before the game jam ended that  my audio was lacking, over my earphones it sounded so loud I decreased the volume in the game and not my laptop and forgot about it. Before I could upload the corrected version, the game jam closed and I couldn't upload. Will have to wait for when the game jam finished. :(

Thank you for playing my game. I had more natural disasters like falling rocks and carnivorous alien plants planned for the game, but time ran out.

Best wishes!

I love this game, very addictive. Beautiful visuals, good sound effects and easy gameplay! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you for playing my game.

Thank you for playing my game. The time wasn't enough to implement all the features I wanted(load shedding and extra power cuts).  So the time delay before the zombies start swarming got cut.

Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed the game. Best wishes with the game Jam!

Thank you for playing my game. I will indicate with arrows from where the zombies are coming from.

Thank you for playing my game. Maybe check if your space bar isn't stuck in snapping mode. Some times when I play I forget that I am in snapping mode and not in free mode.

Thank you very much! 😁

Cute little game! Had fun running around on my two legs chasing mushrooms. Well done.

Thank you for playing my game.

Very addictive game play. Loved the music.  A game that you can build on and take further in the future.

Cute game, like the art style, sound effects and music. A game you can built on further.

I loved the way the story was presented and the way you could interact with everything to add to the story.

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I really tried to play your game(it looks interesting), but I cannot find the exe.file or how to begin your game. Which engine are you using? I can see all your resource material, so there is a game.

This was cute! Very addictive! Love the Christmas music and theme! Well done!

This was interesting and something worth building on. I LOVE the art and the look of the game. I wish there was some music and sound effects, it would have been interesting to hear what your choices would be. Well done!

Thank you very much for playing my game. Good luck to you too!

Thank you for playing my game, I am glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for playing my game!

Very addictive! I can see there is place for growth.

A beautiful, addictive game! Soothing music and great sound effects! This is worthwhile to build on for commercial use.

Thank you very much for playing my game. I worked hard on "FROZEN", took a break yesterday to rest. I will work on your suggestions and also add my settings menu where you can choose your resolution.

Hi,  thank you for your interest. This isn't the Metroidvania I was referring to before, this is the result of  learning more about Metroidvanias. I hope you will still enjoy it! 

Very addictive! Love the look of the game and the sound effects.

Thank you for playing my game!

Thank you for playing my game. Yes, the pointer/ cursor needs to be clear of the player body to work.

Thank you very much!

I am working on a 3D Metroidvania game. Hope to finish it.