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Thank you for playing my game.

Uploaded at least, school Wi-Fi works like a dream! Hope you will enjoy the game!

Hi Everyone, 

I have already tried twice to upload my game, I will try again later. At the moment it is 1 am here, I need to sleep.  I will try later to upload it at school.

Thank you for your patience.

My pleasure!

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I want to introduce you to my game jam entry: "Resident Devil" [Resident Evil]:

My storyline kept around the central idea of zombies, but not in the sense of how we recognise and know our z-stories. This time you are playing as Alice, a being who is disguising herself as a zombie to blend into the surroundings:

"I am but a servant, who sold her soul, I am sent everywhere to find the foul.

A thousand years have been given to me, I found a way to finally be free.

Using my skills to find information, I slowly build a friendship foundation.

Hopefully this will be my last gross case,  finally I will see the devil's face." 

                                                     Out of Alice's thoughts


There has been a disturbance in the Underworld, souls are missing. In the "Book of the Dead" the discovery is made, all the missing souls originates from one single town, Windermere. Materia, a being who sold her soul millennia ago to the Darkness, is send to investigate the situation. She makes a disturbing discovery with her arrival, all the town's people have been turned into the living dead. Materia decides to disguise herself as Alice, a zombie,  to blend into her surroundings and investigate what happened. This wasn't a natural phenomena, someone with supernatural power is behind this, because all the towns people are without their souls.

I will keep a devlog here  for everyone to follow my progress. So far I am having fun creating this game and trying to work in some interesting plot twists.

Lots of "supernatural" love,

Rona Hattingh

" You can use pre-made assets that were not made for this jam, like asset packs, or assets from older projects of yours."

That will include any asset pack from the asset store.

Thank you. It works great!

The theme is "Cats", but when the game jam starts they will announce a limitation which you must follow, otherwise your game will be remove.

Can it be only one cat?

Very true.

Enjoy and have some fun!

It suppose to be fun, if it isn't, then game jamming will be torture every time. (I am a game jam addict)

I hope to finish my game this time.

Lol, made my morning, thanx.

Thank you for the great tips!

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Entropy - gradual decline into disorder. (One of the meanings I like)

The music provided is the inspiration for the game being made, if you want to use a theme, it is "Entropy".

Thank you :)

Thank you, glad you had fun.

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Thank you very much :)

Thank you for playing my game.

Thank you!

Thank you for playing my game and your advice.

Thank you for playing my game, QueenFaith2020.

Good luck to everyone! Have fun and look after yourself (rest when tired, eat and drink enough and take a walk away from your PC, now and again)

Thank you.

OST Jam Vol. 2 community · Created a new topic Theme?

Just want to be clear, the music provided is the theme of the game? 

And have FUN!


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I will,  thank you. I change some things, my son mentioned that it will be awesome if the player had no weapons. I tried it like that and it is more scary then I thought, gave me  shudders down my back. I really hope to be finished by Monday with the new implementations and few surprises and twists I added to make it " more"  now that you cannot kill "them".

To the GDWC host and co-jammers,

My sincere apologies, I didn't make it. Another power outage undermined my determination to finish my game. Maybe the end of this weekend I will be finished and be able to upload it.

Thank you GDWC for this opportunity to participate in this game jam.

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Hi, everyone ... another quick update on my progress:

Finished the map of the sci-fi base:

The base includes: Entry(where the player starts), Control room, Medical bay, Maintenance room, Canteen, 2 sleeping quarters, bathroom for men and women, Commander's sleeping quarters, Engine room and laboratory.

"They" have been created, Enemy AI can randomly patrol, chase the player, when they cannot see the player anymore, they stop and wait for a bit before going back to patrolling again, their attack can now damage the player's health.

I have created a working flashlight that consumes battery power(batteries can now be picked up and used from the inventory to refill your battery UI)

You also now have a working Night Vision goggles, it also consumes battery power.

Next working steps is to prepare the player to do some damage to the enemy and to put the whole story together.

Thank you for reading my post, hope to see you soon with the game.

PS. I need to warn everyone, I am experiencing some unfortunate circumstance outside my control, my country's electricity service provider has implemented load shedding (planned power outages). From yesterday I already had three power outs, which already put me behind schedule. Hope today not so many, so I can at least finish a playable game.

Thank you.

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Here is an update on my work (sorry it took so long):

I have created my inventory and pickups. All pickups can be picked up and showing in the inventory. At the moment only health pickups can be used to increase health in the inventory and the weapons can be exchanged with each other in idle-animation. The inventory may undergo a slight change in the future, adding more pickups.

Weapons in idle-animation:

Today I am working on our enemy and ways to destroy "them":

Thank you for reading my post, hope to see you soon.

Thank you .

You can share it on your social media,  thank you. More inspiration to finish  it. I am working full time on it,  getting up at 3 am to work on my game( before  my job) and in the afternoons for about 2-3 hours.

Thank you very much. It is good to hear players enjoy my stories. I love telling them in this art form :)

Thank you for reading my post.