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Inspired by films like GalaxyQuest and TV shows like Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, this is a TTRPG where you play the cast, crew and characters of a fictional sci-fi-horror-drama with big storylines and a tiny budget.

Made for the two current Attack and Dethrone God Jams, Attack. Dethrone. Rinse. Repeat. is a larp about what you fight for, how you relish victory, and what you do knowing that the battle isn't over.

Hi! I'm Chloe, I design games, stream games and also do various other things involving games, performance and interactive events (though obviously the 'live performance' aspect of what I do is wound down at present!). Looking forward to making something epic for this and seeing what everyone else creates!

Thanks, really glad you enjoyed it!

You are a monster, summoned into a maddening existence in stifling, choking darkness. Every thirty seconds, complete a new step. Awaken. Adapt. Escape. Emerge.

Sorry for delay - I've now added a file version of the game which can be downloaded/claimed and played using Twine

I've uploaded my first digital game to my page and some people have asked for it to be made claimable, which I'm happy to do, only I can't find a single button/checkbox/option etc in the game settings or my settings to make it claimable. Where do I go/what do I need to do to make it claimable?

[In case this is relevant, as I've seen it mentioned in some posts about claiming: all my games are currently on a 100% sale during lockdown; it would otherwise be $1. I've no idea why this would affect things, but just in case it does...]

Will do so asap - first digital game I've added here and can't see why it's not automatically claimable, so trouble-shooting atm!

Sadness & Grace v.2 is an expansion of the original TTRPG, in which players play the monarchs of warring kingdoms who, from the safety of their castles, make the sweeping and sometimes petty decisions that shape the course of conflict. Version 2 includes monologue mechanics and new ways of monarchs to face off against each other, bringing much more variety and complexity to how the story can escalate, how the war is carried out, and what the kingdoms look like at the end of it all.

Bear is a solo tabletop role-playing game in which you play through the adventurers of a lone adventurer, to whom you are a kind of otherworldly protector. It is a game about protection, care and growth, available here:

It's currently free as part of a lockdown-spanning 'everything is free!' sale.

Sadness & Grace is a GM-less turn-based TTRPG for 4 players, each playing the Monarch of different kingdoms at war. Imagine tragically aloof leaders too far from the fighting to understand its reality, rulers making world-changing decisions on a whim, and figures trapped inside castles, unaware of how to finish what they've started.

E.V.E. is a solo TTRPG - made for the 'what do i even use these dice for' jam - where you play a robot being run through an 'emotional emulator' and encountering feelings for the first time. Dice are used to generate scenarios and responses, but as the game continues and your programming is broken, you steadily abandon dice and make more and more choices on your own...

Lots more storytelling-focused TTRPGs available on my page!

Quiet Failures is a short tabletop role-playing game about isolated scientists in space, having to choose between trying to increase their chances of survival, and making their potentially final days more comfortable and human. Their choices play out in silence, across written communications sent between the scientists over faltering systems...

Previews and the game are both available here:

The Real Lesson of Romeo and Juliet is a Relationship Will Never Last Without Good Communication

A micro-larp about separated lovers and their increasingly risky and difficult attempts to contact each other, ideal for couples (but can be played by any two players if games about relationships, expression and love are your thing!).

Played - mostly - either side of a closed door, The Real Lesson... invites players to build a world and a relationship through writing letters to each other. Fall in love, imagine your future and plan your escape - but the roll of a dice might complicate matters...

Find the game here:

The downloadable pdf of this game was updated on 17.07.19 - nothing's changed about the game's content, it's just been tweaked for a house style that I'm putting into place!

The downloadable versions of these games were updated on 17.08.19 - the content of the games hasn't changed, their design has just been tweaked to a house style I'm implementing!