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i love how the pieces tend to clog the corners so the playfield is mostly liquid


your honour. what the fuck.

nobody does "oh." quite like you

I was too busy thinking with portals that I forgot the "covemount" part of this covemountlike

Thank you.

Thank you.

The best kind of game is one that answers a question no sane person would ask.

controls can be unintuitive but it's a freecell

Very cute and relatively simple.

You could release this as a paper card game with just a few minor tweaks, and I would buy it to play with my friends! If I had any.

The most precipitous game I've ever played! The simple systems create an insane amount of depth and it always feels good to beat the odds - which are always against you.

unintuitive, but once you figure out what's going on it's lovable

Things seem to randomly not load properly. The red devil seems to have a damage hitbox, but I don't have the patience to try to kill or avoid it. Art.

Gotta say, loving the false sense of security you've got going on here. Really livens up the place.

The biggest bugbear I had was the requirement of jumping while holding B and a direction, a particular scheme that anyone that isn't a Muse Dash veteran would have great difficulty doing while still holding the phone (and I am not a Muse Dash veteran). I would suggest that the controls be customizable, or failing that, the buttons smaller and closer together.

Infuriating but in the fun way - the influences are obvious. I do however object to the mobile control scheme

Plus the fact that it's so short, you really don't expect it to just... stop

Ashall, I know nothing about you but your name and the mark you've left on this world. Perhaps one day I will be remembered in the same way.

Simple, but highly effective.

It feels like a full game already!

Underpromises and overdelivers. It's weird that you eventually just run out of items.

Very unpolished and it shows, but very creative!

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easy to figure out and perfect in every way. I thought you had to fill all three annoy-o-meters, and the game might be more interesting if you did!

The sound design is perfect

I think the collision issues are resolution-dependent. Great concept, would be a good game if I could play it.

Masterful in both concept and execution! My only complaint is that you can't pick the die up while it has hands.

Cute! Lack of clear goal is by design.

controls are very unintuitive. Neat idea, but for sure needed more dev time.

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Loved it! I am unreasonably annoyed there's no option to fold without moving. Bomb density seems to have no upper bound, ironically making the game easier.

Love the theming, love the history lesson, don't mind the gameplay

A charming puzzle-platformer! My only complaint is that the screenshake in the story is too intense

I feel like it should have been on Z, like in Hempuli's game. It's just a bit strange to have that control scheme mismatch.

  1. Baba Is You EDM Remix is work unreasonably well. If you is make full game, would more music is remix?
  2. Game is most unexpected but surprisingly fitting crossover. And it works.
  3. Shoot is you tends to make me is out of bounds when shoot is on enemy. This is fine though.