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Question about being marked as a jam participant on itch:

My late-submitted project was unfortunately rejected for the bundle, which I'm not at all attempting to appeal the decision of, I believe I understand why and accept that decision.

However, my question pertains more to my being marked as a participant of a game jam hosted here on itch. I've been successfully maintaining a 100% ratio of jams signed up for and jams submitted for; had it not been for the early closure of official itch project submissions to this jam -- I subsequently submitted my project via the late entry method -- I would have at least been able to maintain that ratio by submitting my project via itch even if it were later rejected for the bundle. So, my question, is it possible to either have the project I did submit via the late method still marked here on itch as a submission just for the game jam (without being included in the bundle), or alternatively, could I have myself removed as a participant from the game jam so I can retain my 100% participation/submission ratio -- that might seem silly, but it is important to me on a personal level to maintain that.

Thanks for you efforts! I greatly appreciated being a part of last year's bundle, and I will work harder on future projects so that I might present a more appropriate submission for next year's bundle, which might have better chances of being accepted as attention and interest in these bundles continues to grow.

I joined the jam early, but had been working on something in the hopes of getting it completed and submitted by the original deadline. Seeing that the submissions were closed early, I did just send an email as instructed, in an effort to at least include an older completed and polished project. Being included last year massively helped me in not struggling financially for a month, giving me freedom to continue creating with less worries bogging me down; it would similarly mean the same for me this year to be included again!

Do you mind if I ask what brand/type of controller you tried with the game? Considering the types of controllers I personally own and have tested with, I presumed it should work with any standard Xinput or Dinput controller, but I'm certainly not familiar with all controller types and how they might apply.

Glad I came back around to finally play this, even though the math part nearly killed me!

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Thanks so much for playing and sharing! In case you didn’t go back for the other ending, I will say it is much more interesting than the one you chose; hopefully viewers of this will be intrigued enough to go check it out for themselves! ;)

Thanks for playing! :)

I, too, have memory of soft cat. <3

I literally love everything about this!


thanks :)

Thanks so much for playing, enjoying, and sharing our game with others this way; we truly appreciate it!

Well done, very cohesive presentation! I would have liked some checkpoints; after dying by the theater and respawning at the very start I decided that was enough to get a good feel for it, although I would have liked to see further. Also, holy heck full blown options menu!

Overall a bit too dark on my screen (even with system brightness all the way up) for me to play effectively, but somehow managed to survive the first day; you did get me with a couple good jump scares though!

Effective as heck; glad I stuck it out! Also, Jef killing it on the audio!

Sure here is one (of many reputable resources):

Ahhh the horrors of retail... I remember it well.

Thought I screwed everything up when I left the bathroom and it didn't check off the task, but I managed to complete the game regardless; great entry, well written!

Hey,  thanks so much for linking this here; this game was a bit too unsettling for me to get through on my own, so I appreciated watching your play-through of it!

Welp, you win, I'm too scared to play your game, haha!! I felt immediately unsettled and couldn't really convince myself to move anywhere beyond the living room/foyer/kitchen area; I did go up to the attic but then immediately went back down and completely "noped" out of the game, haha, sorry! It's effective, and I'm sure any further scares involved are even more so; maybe I'll ask my partner to play it and let me know what happens... or I'll watch this youtube link from the other comment.

Something that would help me personally get through it would be a brightness option, my screen seems overall too dark even when my system brightness is all the way up, so it was also very difficult for me to see anything in game which wasn't directly in the light; I typically turn in game brightness way up on darker games that allow for the option.

Cute and creepy; I definitely got a bit unsettled as the end of the demo started ramping up!

I am curious why the "kek w" at the end though? I hope that makes contextual sense in an expanded build and isn't just put in there to be random "internet/twitch/gamer" speak because "kek" has been overwhelmingly co-opted by far-right neo-fascists, so seeing that word used in any manner leaves me questioning its intention and wary of its user. Something to keep in mind.

Notes for Will (if he sees this) for the showcase:

  • No notes at this time, but we intend on completing this project before the showcase, so we might poke at you in some manner to make sure you have an updated build!

Haha got me with that one! This gets quite challenging fairly quickly especially with the command typing. I really liked your splash warning screen, so much cleaner than my walls of text!

You're welcome, I hope I managed to cover most potential disturbances; thanks for playing!

Notes for Will (if he sees this) for the showcase:

  • You can adjust in-game audio at any time using up/down arrow keys (in case audio is too low/high).
  • I request you NOT use the F1 option at title screen which reveals a spoiler list of potentially disturbing images; it is there for accessibility, but I assume folks watching a horror jam stream already anticipate disturbing images (plus it's a wall of text which will decrease play time if you read it).
  • Game progression is automated after you begin, barring any failures (where the game waits player input to continue), the entire thing wraps within 15 minutes; if you're maintaining the 5 minute showcase limit, as long as you don't get yourself wrapped up reading aloud the warning/accessibility text walls, you should be able to showcase at least 2 if not 3 out of the 6 rooms (I'm hoping you get to room 3 so it really shows off the variety I've put into making each room uniquely detailed).

A note for everyone else:

  • There's a hidden player score which only gets revealed at the end; the score doesn't affect any other aspect of the game, but I put it there just for replayability reasons. It's a decreasing score counter, starting from 600 and dropping based on performance as you progress. I'm pretty confident keeping a score of 600 is physically impossible, but anything about 500 is amazing, and even above 400 is impressive. If you play this, please comment with your score either here or on the game's official itch page.
  • By the way, I did theme up the itch page to make it look appropriately slick (in my opinion).

Having worked with you last jam, can't say I'm at all surprised you would make a WHOLE FREAKIN' GAME! It's really well put together and very clever in the way you layer in the music thematically; I very much enjoyed this!

great job Marlowe! I wasn't quite ready to leave, so I walked back, then back again :)

Surprisingly challenging; I didn't manage to complete it, but I enjoyed the mood!

I really appreciate the absence of a "death" / game over state in this; for some reason, despite having made a runner game myself (albeit not a rhythm one), my silly fingers kept wanting to hold the buttons instead of repeatedly tapping them where necessary, so I did pretty terribly, but appreciate the game itself nonetheless!

Such a seemingly simple concept brilliantly executed! Quite challenging too; definitely took me a surprising number of tries, but persistence paid off and I did beat him eventually!

Me, first level: Oh, this is cute, clever, and I could see it being a bit addictive....

Me, 20 or so attempts into the second level: Okay, umm, I can do this... it shouldn't be THAT difficult!

Me, 50 or so attempts in the third level: ARRAHGHAGHASGHASGHHWEHAHGG!!

There is something so deliciously malicious about the everything just not quite lining up, and the evilness in the design is so well balanced in that it doesn't piss me off enough to quit and I totally blame myself (not the game) every time I eff up; but I did eventually beat this damn thing, so YAY!

(I bet this is one of those games that gets Will to accidentally swear on stream!)

Well THAT escalated quickly, haha; great job!

Sparkly, spooky, and great crevice tech! I wasn't sure why a small brush would be useful... until I was cleaning my second object (the hammer) and it literally became clear! Also really thankful you implemented a game save, a feature certainly not typical for a jam game; it means that though I had to take a break after my third item, I'll absolutely be returning to clean the rest!

I know this is "music first" but, my gosh, that art... I'm swooning!! I also really loved the way the audio is mixed to dampen when inside the bottle/pocket; I would have liked to use a similar effect in our project but circumstances kept us from implementing such.

Thank you so much for the comments! Programming the lighting board was fun and also a real challenge for me, but that's part of the reason I jam, to challenge myself to learn new things and continue to grow as a programmer; I'm very happy for the things I learned within this jam!

Okay, I see how to take player turns now; still not sure how it all plays out, but I am intrigued by the board game style elements of this, so good job capturing my interest despite my confusion! Also, unfortunately, playing in full screen did repeat the lockup issue for me when trying to exit from it; you may just want to make a note of that somewhere on the project page since it did cause me to have to entirely force restart my system both times.

Ahh, okay, I saw that box but did not mess with it; I'll give the project another go, thanks for the response!

I hope June eventually does something so brash and risky that Pawse <3 becomes my new partner for the rescue mission!

Cool project page for sure, though I couldn't figure out what to actually do within the game (unless I'm missing that it is just supposed to be a bare-bones prototype). Also, tech note, and this may not have even been the game's fault, but when I tried to exit out of fullscreen -- after starting local multiplayer and moving the pieces around a bit- -- my chrome locked up (though the music was still playing) and I was unable to force quit so had to force restart my laptop.

Was a little confused at the outset, but quickly picked up what to do and was wrecking shop in short order!

Aww, I was so ready to face that superboss!