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Oooh cover B is gorgeous! I loveee artbooks, the extra and behind the scenes info on the art and creation of the game is always so fun to read about :) can't wait for everything to be ready !!!

Hi SweetChiel :)

I remember how long it took for me to not feel overwhelmed with grief when my dog passed away two years ago. It was a long and sad time with many times feeling like I've made no process and I was back on square one. I still feel a little sad when I think of her but it's ultimately thoughts of fondness and gratitude that we had each other for those years. I really feel for you, Kiara was beautiful and sounded like a wonderful and sweet girl. 

I'm glad you have support and other things to pass the time. Take all the time you need for things pertaining to this game, we all understand :) sending you tons of love <3

OMG your festivities looked so beautiful!! Congratulations on having such a happy day surrounded by family :) you looked stunning, thank you for sharing this slice of your life with us! :)

Thank you for such a fulfilling year !! Reading your updates every week was always a happy part of my day, please take the break and be with your family for the beginning of the New Year :) 

I hope you feel better, and that you have a safe and fun party ^u^ 

(How can you adopt only one chibi, the sign should say “do not separate” instead LOL >///<)

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be a beta tester ;u; is there a loose deadline you want notes/corrections? I’m currently close to my finals, but I would love to give my input when I have the free time to devote myself to this game XD 

Dynamic poses are so hard for me as well! My sketchbook is full of people just standing around XD I’m so envious of artists who really mastered drawing combat (and expressive faces!) Ive noticed your art is really good in the way you portray conversation and atmosphere, I especially love your CG’s as the protagonists are developing their relationships! <3

I wish you luck on the final battle CG’s!! ^-^

(ps. I hope Guntur indulges Kahlil’s wish of one day being princess carried LOL be a friend!! -u-)

I love the revisions on the CG! Like it seems more intimate somehow to cradle the neck than the head somehow? :’) 

I totally feel your plight with men’s fashion ><“ I never know how to mix it up LOL but may I have suggestions? :> I feel like Arya is a cardigan type of dude, maybe a simple cardigan to a plain t shirt can add variety? I also like cuffed jeans with sneakers or boots when I want my male characters to be different from each other -u-“ I hope you’re able to find answers in your magazines tho! XD

I’m trying to remember if this has been asked before LMAO But since Maya can pole dance, I like to assume she has some considerable strength! Would she able to carry any of the boys, and what would be their reaction? :) I hope you have a wonderful week ! <3

Happy belated birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful and fun break full of rest :) what did you end up doing for that day? ^-^

I like that the antagonist is kept really secretive LOL most visual novels I play with secret routes are usually like open secrets if that makes sense? But it’s like a surprise we gotta wait for until the release! I’m personally a huge fan of “tall, dark, and handsome” trope so I cant wait !!! >///<

Also whoever told Kahlil to cut his hair is evil LMAO long hair on men is my fav and is so handsome on them :’) 

Historical accuracy is fun but of course making up stuff/revising facts to better fit the narrative is just as fun! 

I want to say that it’s probably Guntur bc I understand the annoyance of someone nitpicking food that you’ve cooked for them -u-“ but I’m gonna overthink it here and make a case for both Khalil and Arya LOL like with Khalil it’s annoying to be adventurous and try different food but your companion won’t try it with you :( orrr Arya seems like a simple guy who will eat any food when offered but for a companion to refuse that can be a bother? Cant wait to find out XD

(1 edit)

You still found time to work amongst a new video game obsession which is so impressive to me XD I'm so bad at multitasking LMAO I remember (and miss! T-T) playing Dragon Age for hours on end, no one could bother me :') Don't feel guilty for having fun with a game you've discovered, your daily life should be filled with different activities ! ^u^

The encyclopedia was my favorite thing to read in Winged Ones, it'll be fun to see what new terms and concepts I'll learn :> 

Question for the boys: do they have any weird or specific turn offs in potential love interests? For example, I can't date picky eaters LOL -u-"

I wish you luck with your list of goals this week! <3 

Yay 15 pages left for chapter 6! I remember when you first the chapter, time flies :) It sounds like there's so much outfit and sprite variation in this game that you've implemented so far, I can't wait to see them!

As a small person who enjoys being a big spoon, I think Guntur and Arya are missing out LMAO While I'm not able to cuddle their whole body, cradling their head is comforting XD they should try it <3

I hope your week has been productive and healthy! :)

LOLLL I always forget how rude Arya can get -u-“ well jokes on him because I’m never afraid to ask and persist for a mans hand when I want to dance ;) but glad to know Guntur and Kahlil won’t let me down ^-^

But I remember when I first started taking walks again after months without any real exercise, i was out of breath within minutes LOL but of course it just takes time and I’m starting to sprint up hills to better my stamina now! I hope you aren’t overexerting yourself so soon :( but keep cool! It’s getting dangerously hot in the USA, how is the weather there? :)

The climax sounds exciting! Cant wait to read it when the games comes ^^

OwO when the happy-go-lucky character gets all serious in a fight >>>>>>>>> While I definitely look most forward to Guntur’s route, I can’t wait to experience Kahlil’s sternness and Arya’s softer moments ^-^

To take inspiration from my previous comments, do any of the boys know how to dance? If so, any in particular they know/enjoy? :>

I hope your appointment goes well! <3 

Please stay healthy and safe! I’m sorry to hear about the scary diagnosis, but hopefully it’ll be something that can be managed with healthy habits :) 

I’ve been exercising a lot more recently which is a lil coincidence LOL I’ve been finding steeper hills when I walk my dogs, they are great motivators bc they love to run T-T but we understand and hope for your recovery! <3 I send my love and prayers!!

There's nothing like having to find shoes for occasions (I can't imagine how it's gonna be like when I get married -u-") My family parties have lots of dancing, so I have to find heels that comfortable, pretty, AND can withstand stomping bc some Mexican dancing is just rough like that (but its all fun!) 

Don't worry if you get too busy for a constant amount to be done, to have any work on your games done during your engagement is super impressive and we all understand! I'm personally so excited that so much progress is being done on your wedding ^-^

I hope you're taking plenty of breaks as well! The game is still progressing wonderfully! <3

Hi!! I don't think that you should worry about sharing bgm with other games, I've seen games share bgm and background images and it never bothers me! (Which I totally understand because drawing backgrounds is something I always avoid -u-") If the music is appropriate for the scene then have feel free to use it :)

I haven't watching k-dramas in so long, but I enjoyed Prison Playbook! It's definitely more of a drama than a romance one and it was pretty long, but it's one of favorite stories I've ever watched in a show :) I really should rewatch it ^-^ 

I hope you're getting enough rest with all this productivity! Have a good day! ^u^

On one hand, I love playing a full game and being able to binge, but I've also really enjoyed other games that have released by routes! (Tailor Tales is a pretty good example :) ) Although I do have a preference of routes rather than episodes ^^' 

I like to think that it's kinda the same with tv shows. It's more exciting to have to wait for the next installment rather than to have the whole season at your fingertips ^.^" I am a little confused on the polishing aspect though, most of the games I've seen have been able to go back to certain routes and be able to edit them after completing them. Unless you mean otherwise? :)

Of course it's ultimately up to your comfort! We're all fine with having to wait :) I hope everything is going well with the wedding planning ^u^ it's always the little things that are forgotten, at my quinceañera we had gotten the church and pastor all planned out but we left my crown at my house LMAO I had to use the church's plastic one :(( I hope other than those little hiccups that you haven't been too stressed out! :)

I love a good pampering day, but I feel the same in where I don't mind my appearance most of the time ^^" Especially with quarantine, idk what make up is anymore LOL I hope you enjoy your spa day tho, sounds like fun!! 

I totally feel your pain with designing shoes, especially mens shoes!!! I have no imagination and it's so hard to style with certain pants styles T-T Baggy pants and boots are my go to LOL

I love flirting, it's fun to know Guntur and Kahlil have fun with it :) But wedding planning with Kahlil sounds like so much fun ! Extravagance and big is my theme ^u^ I hope the early wedding planning is going smoothly for you and your family! 

AH congratulations on your engagement!! I can’t believe I somehow became a prophet :)) But I can also relate to romantic stuff getting me embarrassed it’s so weird -///- 

The amount of art you did was impressive considering the amount of events going on this week! It’s a big update to me :) Thank you for the hard work!! (And also for a flirtatious Guntur on Valentine’s Day ^///^)

Guntur continues to be my ideal man LOL but with the amount of endings you mention, I'm so ready to try to collect them! Will there be a way to see which ones you get/are left? The art looks so beautiful this week :)

I have a question for the boys :)) would you mind being asked out/proposed to instead of the other way around? 

P.S. hmu Guntur ^u^ <3

Hi!! I hope you're having a great holidays with your family! Don't worry about taking breaks, you 100% deserve them :)  

As to the question, it depends! If I made a mistake such as a bad quip or a genuinely bad decision, then I'll just take the lecture lol :( but if it's something I think is ridiculous or unwarranted then there's a good chance we're having a screaming match LMAO I'm also an Aries Arya, watch out king ^u^

Please rest and stay safe! Thank you for all your hard work this year :) Happy New Years!!

Your work ethic and commitment is truly something to be admired! I remember playing Nusantara's first game as one of my first visual novels and being so immersed, it was definitely one of the ones that kept me interested in the genre! Thank you for continuing your games!

A question for the boys :> If you could wield/master any type of weapon, what would it be? (I'm also into action/rpg games if you can't tell lmao -u-")