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Happy belated birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful and fun break full of rest :) what did you end up doing for that day? ^-^

I like that the antagonist is kept really secretive LOL most visual novels I play with secret routes are usually like open secrets if that makes sense? But it’s like a surprise we gotta wait for until the release! I’m personally a huge fan of “tall, dark, and handsome” trope so I cant wait !!! >///<

Also whoever told Kahlil to cut his hair is evil LMAO long hair on men is my fav and is so handsome on them :’) 


Hi, ro-ses!
I had an awesome break and happy news: I ended up finding more references for Bermuda x'D
I'm crossing my fingers that you'll like the Antagonist ><; he can be a little too much--I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts later! 

And I agree! It's hard to find men looking good with long hair--they should be protected! They're endangered species! Q_Q