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I actually completed all the levels - reading my comment again, it sounded like I didn't finish. That said, certain levels felt awkward to complete; like I had to hack my way through them rather than use the mechanics as they were probably intended.

For example, to beat the level below I pushed the top barrel onto the first enemy so he couldn't see me. This also prevented the second enemy from seeing me when I jumped to shoot the barrel through the slit. In the end, I never figured out what the purpose of the first flaming barrel was...

Hard, but cool concept.

Nevermind, I had turned a setting which disabled the touchpad while typing.

I quite liked the game, but for some reason I wasn't able to move my mouse while using WASD to move so I felt hampered. Still fun though.

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I genuinely wanted to complete all the levels. It wasn't always clear what you were supposed to do, but I managed to complete some of the trickier ones by pushing the barrels around to block the AI's line of site. Even if that wasn't the intended way though it still felt fun to do.

The controls for jumping off walls felt quite difficult to execute. Never really figured out how to do execute that consistently.

The art was very cute, and +1 for multiplayer :) some variety in the enemies was desperately needed though.

Well crafted graphics and the turn-based mechanic seems like something that could be explored more on its own. However the single tower, while it fit the theme, didn't really do much to improve the game - it felt like I had to memorize the spawn locations in order succeed instead of using a strategy.

Also you can move to the left? Thought you could only go right?

Cute character :) Lots of bugs though :/

Little bug: if you put the plant down into a wall you can't pick it up again. Also, a level reset button would be nice.