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Thanks a lot for your nice comment! It seems great, I'll check it out!

Merci beaucoup ! :)

Thanks for you kind comment ! :) Yes this is all with Godot ! :)

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Hi, I just bought the game, and the Linux version doesn't seem to work for me (I'm running on Arch Linux). The error message tells me can not be found. After further investigation, it seems that I have the version . It doesn't seem to be the only shared library related problem unfortunately. I really can not downgrade my system, would there be any solution ? Maybe just a more recent Linux export of the game would do the trick ?

Very stressful but amazing game !

It seems really nice, is there any chance for linux version ?

Really nice game, I enjoyed it ! It really makes you understand (at least for me) that you need to make choices on what you wish to spend your life on. Félicitations !