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Stunning and charming art + audio! Couple pieces of feedback I do want to leave: It was difficult to tell what was a platform in some sections as it blended with the background art. And I think I know which game you drew inspiration from, but an indicator for the player's initial jump would be nice. Really solid game, love the execution of the theme!

Very good game!!! Love it.

Actually caught myself trying to strategize to win this! I think this could turn into a really fun game if you decide to continue working more on it, excited to see what you do with it!

Also hi ;)

Actually like the idea of a main objective being under the mercy of a random roll. That said, I do wish there were more things that happened in-game that would change the flow of the game. Some easy examples you could explore could be having more enemies spawn as the timer drags on, enemy variants, and pickups that boost player.

Also, you should generally be careful about requiring players to repeatedly click mouse buttons. Not a lot of people have strong fingers and repeatedly clicking in a short period of time can be painful for them.

Overall, considering this is your first jam and you have a working game, congratulations are in order! Keep up the good work.

Really like the atmosphere of the art. I do wish there was more to the gameplay design that would complement the art.

Love the combat design here, but fighting felt a bit awkward on mouse, especially with the Space key for punching. I did encounter a bug where the score multiplier would be set to a ridiculously low number out of the blue. Great job otherwise!

Really great polish on this project! Enjoyed the game design, art and sound.

Great job!

Really like the concept! Very interested in seeing it fleshed out more

Like the aesthetic! The platforming does get annoying at times, and the way the camera handles vertical scrolling does get annoying pretty fast. Really enjoyed it nonetheless!

Love the concept! I think like other people have said a little bit of tutorialization would be great. I would personally have liked a timer that showed when the dice would roll again, or some way to speed up the next roll if I have no actions left. Great concept!

Thanks! Glad to see you enjoy it.

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That's odd, it seems to be working on my end. Is this happening everytime or did it only happen once?

I really enjoyed the art and sound design on this one! The story definitely worked together with the both of those, so great job on that. I wish that there was something else the player could have done in the camp area part as it felt like I was just walking back and forth trying to figure out how to proceed with the game. Other than that, it's really impressive that you all worked on this with a GameBoy aesthetic and the work you guys put in definitely shows. Awesome job y'all!

yeah, we really just play the lick at the beginning, you know how it be

Thanks for playing the game and the feedback! We'll be continuing production after this game jam for sure.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for playing! We are definitely planning on continuing development, so keep an eye out for that!

Ay, thanks for playing our game! Appreciate the feedback.

I found it difficult to understand what was going on at first as the game title didn't really allude to what was actually in the game and there weren't really any directions for how to play the minigames presented. While the idea of playing through different minigames that are meant to improve someone's mental health is something I am interested in and would love to play, I think this game could use a lot more improvements in the gameplay and general experience. I do like the stylized graphics but the user interface seems rudimentary and odd in some other places. I do hope that you plan on further developing and polishing up the game as like I said the concept for this game is something I dig with.

I think you have an interesting idea here that can definitely be expanded upon, however the gameplay is a bit lackluster at the moment. The graphics are really cool and the writing is nice and engaging. I think the game could use more auditory feedback as I noticed that the SFX were kind of sparse in the game. The shooting mechanic could also be made more responsive and the push/pull mechanic feels odd. Other than that, I like the premise of your game and I'd be interested in seeing further development!

The writing on this game is really interesting and fun! I think there should be a note somewhere in game that explains what the different colors do, other that that it's a cool concept!

Really like the graphics and audio of this game. It may just be me but not all SFX are affected by the SFX slider in the options menu so I had just really loud sounds blasting in my ear even though I turned it down. Other than that, great job!

unfortunately it does nothing and will probably never do anything cuz y a c a n t t u r n d o w n t h e f u n k y

Thanks for the feedback! We'll be continuing to develop this game after the jam so keep an eye out for that!

Thanks so much for playing! We are definitely planning on continuing development after the jam so keep an eye out! We'll also consider making a mobile version of the game.

Thanks a lot for playing! Glad to see you enjoyed the music. The funkiness option was honestly meant as a joke, it doesn't really do anything besides scroll through a couple strings lol.

The Lick

Thanks for playing! We are definitely looking to develop the game after this jam!

Really cool concept, the graphics and the sound made the atmosphere very relaxing and enjoyable. It's kinda hard to relate the game to the theme if you don't really die in the game, but great game nonetheless!

Thanks so much for playing! We're definitely planning on continuing development after the jam, so keep an eye out for that!

PS. also yeah I really love the funkiness option tool lol

I really like the atmosphere you set up in this game! I think if you continued to polish and develop this game you can have a really good mystery game. Great job on this game!

The game's pretty interesting, but I think there's a few areas that could use some improvement. The rewinding machine is really slow and that can get quite annoying especially when you run out of the correct tape that the customer wants. I find the music choice to be rather odd as I would expect something more akin to muzak. Nevertheless, great work on the game! Really like the people moving around the store.

This is honestly a really refreshing take on the theme after seeing so many entries with a rewind mechanic! Really love the graphics and audio, great job!

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Thanks for playing our game! I think the idea of the difficulty increasing over time didn't really cross our minds as we wanted to chart this song normally, but we'll definitely consider that in the future!

Love this game! Don't really have much complaints other than it is a tad bit hard. Great job!

The game is fun and chaotic! Really like the artstyle and the feeling of the controls.

I was initially confused on how the game mechanic works, but once I figured it out the game became a lot more fun! I think you should definitely let the player know how the game works as it would be confusing to new players. The graphics and the SFX are cool too! Great job!

The artstyle definitely sticks out the most in this game! I think the choice of keybinds for the controls are really odd and unconventional, which definitely made it harder to get into the game. I also feel like you could integrate the story better into the gameplay as I think the premise you guys put on the game page is interesting and deserves to be expanded upon. You should also add that holding down the jump button lets you jump higher as I had to figure that out for the part where the player had to jump over the tall wall. Also not sure if there was a way to restart the game without quitting. Other than that, this is a neat game! Great job!

Hey, thanks for playing our game! Honestly if we had more time we would have put in one more song, but we wanted to polish up our gameplay. Glad to see you enjoy the game!