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Any plans to add something like this into the tool in future, it would be pretty useful for translations given it's a dialogue tool.
When you say "probably" do you mean you aren't sure if it's possible?

Thanks for the quick reply!

Bought this a long while ago but haven't actually got round to using it yet as been working on other mechanics in my game.

I was wondering the best way to go about converting / translating the dialogue created in this asset into other languages?

Obviously having to recreate a whole games worth of dialogue in each language using the tool would be very time consuming, so I was wondering if it is possible (or planned) to allow import/export of the dialogue we create to text files to allow easy translations to be done, and then loaded back in before exporting for use with GMS?

Thanks for your time.

Sounds awesome - looking forward to the update.

Keep up the good work!

Is this still being updated?
Hoping for improved 2D sprite export features at some point.

Hey Kenney,

Do you have a rough ETA of when you will be reworking/adding to the 2D Export stuff?
I'd be using AssetForge for 2D sprites and am holding off purchasing at the moment as the features don't seem quite there yet for 2D.


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"Right now Asset Forge essentially takes a picture of your 3D asset from any number of angles and exports that as an PNG for your 2D asset"

Could you clarify this, as I was told in another thread you can only select from a preset number of built-in angles, and you don't have manual control over the camera or angle you can export a 2D sprite to.

I am on the edge of purchasing, but the 2D export options don't seem quite there yet.

Thanks for the info - I appreciate it.

Hopefully Kenney will add a free camera and/or some way to manually enter the angle in a future update.

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I second this idea, but with the caveat that hidden blocks should not be rendered on export to a 2D sprite.

I would love some 2D animation tools in AF, but if that isn't going to happen then allowing the hiding of blocks on 2D export would at least allow the exporting of different parts to pngs, which could then be layered in Photoshop (or similar) to allow the creation of animated sprites.

Export a planes propellers in multiple rotations.
Export just the plane body.
Combine them in Photoshop to make an animated spritesheet where the propellers are turning.

I also work in 2D and asked the question about which angles were available on reddit but haven't got a response yet.

I assume from your reply that you cannot freely adjust the camera and have to use one of a list of preset angles?
If that is the case, could you list which angles are available as that info isn't available anywhere I can see.