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Haha no no problem, thanks for the quick reply and info - much appreciated!

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Do you have an ETA for an Unreal 5.4 version, or is the 5.3.1 version already compatible?


That's great to hear, just be careful not to start again a bit too early, you can aggravate it and be out for even longer.
Always best to wait a extra day or two than re-injure it and be out for another week! :)

Get well soon LimeZu - take all the time you need to recover properly.
Don't rush back and risk aggravating it again, take your time!

Looking good, thanks!

Have a great New Years Eve! :)

Couldn't click buy quick enough - happy I'm here from the start this time!

Here we go, buckle up, choo chooooo!

Another journey begins... :)

I totally missed those posts, they look really good!
Thanks for the links, I appreciate it!

I came to check if there was any update on the Exteriors, can you link me to where the previews you mentioned were shared please?


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Hi Ivan,

Do you mean sse_skeleton_update_draw_data()?

If so, you don't need to convert that as it just passed color/alpha information through the extension, the native functions handle all this behind the scenes now so it isn't needed.

In fact you shouldn't need to use SpineSlotExt at all if you are using v2.3.7 as everything can (and should!) now be done using the native GML functions that were added since the v2.2.2 update.

No problem Ivan!

For versions later than v2.2.2 using the native functions is definitely what I'd recommend as it will give better performance than the extension which is written in standard GML.

Swapping over the function calls shouldn't be too difficult as when YYG added the support natively they named their functions pretty similarly to the sse_ function names I added with the extension.

Good luck! :)

Hi Ivan,

The error you posted is because the format of the json file Spine exports has changed, likely due to new features and data added/removed in the Spine v4 export format.

However the functions in SpineSlotExt were added natively into GMS2 way back in v2.2.2, so it is no longer needed in any versions of GMS2 later than that as the functions the extension added (ie. slot colouring) are now "built-in" and a native part of GML and can be found in the manual here.

This information is also noted at the top of the main page.

Congratulations and thank you for this amazing pack!

Looking forward to the Exterior Pack after you take a well earned break!

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Belated happy birthday - hope you had a great day!


I spent some time fixing all the double-digit naming issues and have messaged you a link on Twitter to the fixed archive.

Hopefully you can simply replace the existing files with those and it'll save you some time and energy having to do it yourself.

Keep up the good work! :)

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A few little errors I noticed with the file renumbering where an extra leading zero was added to numbers that were already double digit:

1) Outfit_10 - Outfit_16 have an extra leading zero (Outfit_010 - Outfit_016).
2) Hairstyle_10+ all have an extra leading zero (Hairstyle_010 - Hairstyle_029)

Thank you for the updates, keep up the great work!

Will the exteriors be matched to the interiors you have already done (museum, shops etc) or will they be different?

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OK thanks, was just a little confused by the versioning.

Also itch is telling me that I don't own it on the devlog page here: but I think this is the same asset, right? - the revamped_v1.0 and itch is just being silly.

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No problem and yes the size of the pack means little errors are inevitable, and for the missing sprite numbers I thought that it may be on purpose but I thought it best to let you know just in case it wasn't.

if I find anything else I'll be sure to report it! :)

The one I purchased yesterday is Modern_Office_v1.25, this one is Modern_Office_Revamped_v1.0.

Is v1.0_Revamped the newer version?
Does it contain all the sprites from the original v1.25?


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He LimeZu, thanks for answering my questions on Twitter.

I have come across a few possible bugs/issues with a few sprites when building the character generator tool I mentioned to you and wanted to report them.

1) Some of the "Hairstyle" sprites have the "sleep" frames at the bottom of the sheet offset incorrectly and the hair covers the face when overlayed.  They seem to be 8px or so too low on the hair spritesheet when compared to all the other hair variation.

See example here: 

The Hairstyles affected  are:
Hairstyle_5_1 to Hairstyle_5_7
Hairstyle_12_1 to Hairstyle_12_7
Hairstyle_18_1 to Hairstyle_18_7

2) It appears like some frames may be missing, although it could also be intended but I thought I'd mention them anyway just in case.

Hairstyle sprites jump from 22 to 25 (23, 24 missing?)
Hairstyles 27, 28, 29 only have 6 variations, all other Hairstyles have 7

I've only looked through the character generator folders so far but I will be going through the packs in the next days so I will make sure to let you know if I find anything else and will send you a link to the tool once I have added a few more features.

Also, do you take suggestions for ideas for new sprites that you add to these packs or are the additions already planned out / on a roadmap somewhere?


I haven't looked at the room builder stuff yet other than seeing the tiles for them and the 3D walls look really good so there is a +1 from me for more of them! :)

Thanks LimeZu - I got your reply and sent another with a few more questions! :)

Hi  LimeZu,

I bought a few of your asset packs yesterday and had some questions which I sent to you on Twitter via DM.

Are you able to answer there or shall I ask them again here?

Great work with the packs, very nice style!

No problem Thomas, completely understandable!
Just know that there is still interest in it as an extra addon pack whenever you get time to work on it again.

Hope you are well! :)

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Hey Thomas, I didn't post a list as nsobject pretty much has the same ideas that I did (animations in a game such as Flashback) and I then forgot to post my agreement with his suggestions until now due to real life stuff - apologies!

I was wondering if there has been any progress on adding the suggested animations and releasing them as another addon pack?


Sure thing, I'll put together a list of suggestions with examples and get back to you.

Thanks for being so receptive to suggestions!

I would also be very interested in a pack that added the animations mentioned above, as well as others that would add movements and actions that bring the full set of animations into line with games such as Flashback/Abe's Odyssey and the like.

Hopefully you can find time to release another addon pack in the future, and if you ever require any suggestions for animations to include in such a pack then please let us know as I'm sure I'm not the only one that would be happy to offer suggestions and that would buy the addon pack instantly.

Have a great Xmas and New Year! 

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Hey there,

Yes, Spine allows you to use slots and attachments to swap out things such as body parts, clothes, weapons etc for others at runtime, that's actually one of it's main strengths.

For exporting and compiling, Spine is supported on all platforms and my extension uses native GML functions so also works on all platforms that it supports.

However, as you say you are using GMS 1.4, you should be aware of a few things:

  1.  iOS and Android exports will no longer be accepted onto the App Stores due to store requirements changing since 1.4 support and updates were ended.  You should still be able to test locally on your own devices however.
  2. GMS 1.4 only supports an older version of Spine, so you would not be able to use the latest version of Spine to create your animations.
    I believe the most recent version supported by GMS 1.4 is Spine v3.4.02.
  3. GMS 1.4 has been sunsetted for a long time now so if you want to publish your game onto Google Play or the App Store then you should look into purchasing GMS2.

Hope that helps!

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It's been 5mths, any news this?

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You can use the Hide function to hide selected blocks, export, then Unhide All and repeat the process.

It isn't ideal but probably quicker than your current method, and Kenney has said there are more Hide/Group options coming to the UI in future so you will be able to group objects and easily toggle them on/off for rendering out models in sections as it's something I've also requested and want to be able to do.

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Is there any ETA on when this will be updated to support Blender 2.8?
Bought it a while ago - is it still being supported?

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How are things going with the rewrite Kenney, all good I hope?
Still on track for a December release?
Also, could you confirm if this bug has been fixed in v2.0?*crosses fingers and holds breath*

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It's not so much performance I was thinking of (but I know that tiles are faster than object collisions) it was more from a level / game design perspective where tiles are much easier to work with as an end user, especially with the autotiling stuff in GMS2 and ability to use things like Tiled and import maps directly into GMS2.

I'm not sure if your engine is a port from 1.4 code but it kinda feels like the old 1.4 way of doing things that hasn't been updated, maybe for compatibility reasons so the engine works with both 1.4 and 2.x which would be understandable.

Maybe the script(s) you mentioned to convert tiles / tile layers into the various invisible objects that your engine requires would be a good middle ground for everyone no matter whether they use 1.4 or 2.x?

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Tilemap collisions are much faster than object collisions simply because of the way they work.
Is it something you'd consider adding or is definitely not on the table?

Other than that, it looks like a nice little engine, good work!

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Hi there,

Unfortunately as this is an extension to GMS, I can only support the latest versions of Spine supported by GMS itself.

For GMS 1.4 this is Spine v3.4.02 as detailed on the GMS 1.4 Required SDKs article.
For GMS2 this is Spine v3.7.x as detailed on the GMS2 Required SDKs article (for GMS2 2.2.2+)

GMS2 v2.2.2+ added the functions in the extension natively into GMS2 itself, so it is no longer needed in versions of GMS2 later than that as the functions are now "built-in" and a native part of GML.  
This is stated at the top of the main extension page as a note.

Spine 3.3 was released in June 2016 - over 3yrs ago.
Is there any particular reason you can't update to one of the recommended versions of Spine for use with GMS 1.4 or GMS2 as per those articles I linked above?

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Great news that everything is getting back on track after the data loss - what doesn't kill us makes us stronger - and hopefully in a strange way will mean v2.0 is better than ever with the new team members on board.

I hope v2.0 can add some extra export options for 2D and remove the killer bug for me that has seams showing between blocks on all generated images making it unusable for 2D image export.

Extra camera options for zooming / scaling etc would also be very helpful for the 2D export, as well as toggleable layers to hide/show blocks and allow exporting of each layer individually and allow them to be rebuilt on the engine side and make 2D animation possible.

I suggested this with an example of use on the forum a while ago, but if you need more info on what I mean please don't hesitate to ask!

Looking forward to the early release and helping shape this into the must have tool for both 2D and 3D that it deserves to be.

Any news about the data recovery attempt?

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The extension uses the object the sprite is attached to to store and manage all data needed to enable the slot colouring, slot alpha and slot collisions - so as you found out trying to use the functions added by the extension with no sprite will indeed give an error.

I'm not 100% certain on what it is you are trying to do, but if you have Discord or something similar I'd be happy to take some time and have a chat so we could work through things and I could advise on the best way to achieve what you are going for.

If you use Discord you can add me: rIKmAN#2213.
If not then let me know and we can go through things on here,  but I think it would be quicker / easier to do it that way than with messages back and forth on here.

Thanks for your purchase, sorry you're having teething problems.

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This is looking really good, some nice improvements - nice one Kenney!

Will the "hiding" feature be respected by the exporters too?

I'm mainly thinking of the 2D export to simulate exporting layers (via hiding blocks) that can be reassembled on the engine side from the exported images. 

It would also allow exporting of 2D animation frames, for example:
1) Hiding a whole plane model and exporting a few images of just the propeller rotating.
2) Export the plane without  a propeller.
3) Layer the images back together in the game engine. 
4) When played back you then a full plane with an animated propeller.

This was one of my requested features a long while back, so I really hope it's possible as it would be so useful!

I also really hope you have managed to fix the "visible seams" issue in the 2D exporter as that has been a killer for me using the current version for 2D at all.

Keep up the good work and have a great Xmas and New Year! :)