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Create your own 3D models and 2D sprites! · By Kenney

Visible seams when exporting 2D sprites

A topic by rIKmAN created Mar 15, 2018 Views: 334 Replies: 16
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I just placed together 3x3 cubes in a grid and tried exporting them as an isometric sprite.
However when exporting, there are visible seams showing between the cubes which look pretty ugly:

Am I doing something wrong here or is there any way to smooth these over so you can't see the seams?
I tried making each cube slightly bigger so it overlapped into the next cube but that didn't work either.

Any help/advice  appreciated.

9 days later..... anyone?


2 weeks without a single reply.

Is this software still being used and supported?

Cannot re-create the issue

(2 edits)
  1. Open Asset Forge 1.3
  2. Choose 'cube' from the 'primitives' group
  3. Place a 3x3 grid of them
  4. Colour the cubes (this shows the issue clearer than plain white)
  5. Click '2D Sprite' in the top right
  6. Choose 'Isometric' from the camera preset
  7. Choose "Large' as the sprite size
  8. Export

I have literally just done this now and got the exact same results as I posted in my OP.

This is the result in the preview window:

This is the result zoomed in a little to show the lines:

Do you have outlines enabled?

No outlines are disabled, but they show in the editor as well as the preview and final render so that isn't the issue.

It makes it unusable for 2D export work.

Nope, not getting it on a Mac. Trying it on a PC  I get far far fainter and shorter lines just about a single pixel wide.

(2 edits)

So it is a reproducable bug, but only on PC?

Thanks for testing/confirming the problem NottheDan, appreciate it,

Has nobody else come across this issue before and is anyone reading this willing to do a quick test?

Is this software still being updated / bug fixed?

Seems Kenney doesn't post here much anymore.

He's busy working on 2.0

Is there an ETA on that, and is it an upgrade or a new paid version?

It's kinda unusable for me at the moment when anything I export has seams on the exported images.

No. An upgrade.

Has this been announced?  I can't find anything about it.
I'm surprised there are no other threads on this issue as it makes 2D sprite exports basically unusable.

Read through the other bug reports here. It has been mentioned.

The issue with the lines on 2D exports or that there is a v2 in the works?

The latter. Which was what you were asking about in your post.

Your post was pretty ambiguous - why would I go looking through bug reports for an announcement on a v2.0?
That's why I asked if it had been "announced" - being mentioned in an unrelated comment in a random bug report isn't really an announcement.

Thanks anyway, I'll tweet Kenney and see what he says.