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؃ Hi!, my name is Ricardo Cuello, also known as Rest!, I am a music composer for video games. ؂


As a composer for this media, I love creating musical worlds for games and i enjoy achieving immersive and memorable sound experiences, particularly with some retro vibes! I handle acoustic and electronic compositions. Usually, work with a mix of both. My favorite genres are Progressive electronic, Baroque and Jazz, although I adapt to the circumstances if the project needs it. ؏

Other genres that I like to work with ♫♪:

  1. Electroswing.
  2. Chiptune.
  3. Progressive rock.


I have been a composer for more than 7 years. Professionally dedicated to music for videogames for 4 years. I usually work as a freelancer or WFH. I am currently looking for new and exciting projects to work on.

I’m interest in dynamic team workflow where coexist different traditional and digital art forms; and cool innovative indie titles. Extreme curiosity about sound.


My Strengths

  • Versatility in musical composition form. For dramatic and background purposes.
  • Use of Fmod for adaptive soundtracks.
  • Knowledge of how music is related to the perception, the immersion, and the player's experience.

  • Communication. I believe that communication is the most important part to finish projects.
  • Adaptability and versatility when facing dead ends and route changes.
  • Knowledge on game culture as a player; and knowledge of production pipelines as a composer.


In my spare time I compose conceptual albums, I like to give meaning and unity to music in several different ways, not only with the sound material, but also aesthetically...

...with narrative and thematic aspects always in mind.


Thanks for passing by and if you want me to compose the music for your game don't hesitate to consult my rates via inbox or mail :D


You are invited to see the rest of my music on my website!

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؃ Thanks! ؂


Thanks for passing by, and for the feedback!

Thanks man for the feedback! We will.

Thanks to play man! Great feedback.