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Hector & Stella is a turn-based dungeon crawler, made during Feevale Game Jam, an intern game jam. The theme was "Guiding Dog" and in the game you control Stela, the guiding dog of a powerful wizard named Hector, through 12 hand-crafted levels.

More than 15 teams signed up for this one-week game jam, sponsored by a Brazilian dog food company and Hector & Stela won the 1st prize as the best game!

  • How To Play
    • Open the dungeon DOORS before the TIME runs out.
    • Collect KEYS to open the dungeon DOORS.
    • Eat RATIONS to regenerate the TIME bar.

We are still deciding the future of the project. Feel free to give us some feedback :)

You can play the game at:


Richard Nunes da Silva - Game Design / Art

Eduardo Scheffler - Programming

Thanks for the feedback! We hope you had fun during your play session!

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Thanks for the feedback! We hope you had fun playing Type 'n Jump :)

Also, don't forget to rate the game!

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Hi nlemmer! Congratulations on the performance and thanks for sharing it!

I created a new post with the current best times and command perfomances.

You can check it here.

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Thanks for the feedback! Don't forget to rate the game :)


First of all, thank you for all your feedbacks on Type 'n Jump, our Ludum Dare 41 entry!

Now, for this post, we though it would be nice to share with the community some of the back-end stuff that helped us build our game:  our level editor.

After the characters movement system, this was the next thing we developed, in order to allow our level (or levels) to be easy to build and to be balanced. At the end of the first day, this is what the system looked like:

While in Play Mode (we used Unity), we were able to control the pointer with the keyboard and assing objects at any tile inside our Level prefab. We assigned a hotkey on our script for each new prefab (each tipe of tile, spikes, saws, boxes, and so on). At that time we had 70% of our assets done, enough to start building stuff. 

After every asset was done we managed to dedicate our last day to build and balance the level.

As you can see, this tool allowed us to quickly assemble our level without the painstaking task of manual positioning objects in the scene.

We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek behind the scenes :)

Our project  (including this level editor script) is open source, so if you are interested, you can find more information and links to download HERE.

Hi guys!

We released our first Ludum Dare entry, Type β€˜n Jump.

It is an text-based platformer, made for Ludum Dare 41 (Combine 2 Incompatible Genres).

Play it here!

Vote for the game :)

Here's a time-lapse of the game in case you are interested!


Just type the commands to move the robot.

  • LEFT
  • JUMP
  • STOP
  • FIRE
  • HELP

Design by Richard Nunes da Silva

Code by Eduardo Scheffler


  • Engine: Unity
  • Graphics: Adobe Suite
  • Sounds: Bfxr
  • Music: Figure

If you haven’t played it yet, give it a try here! πŸ‘ˆ