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My favorite part of the game is when you find ways to game the system and fly really high

Cool. Thanks for including it.

Thanks. It's difficult to dev with three kids and lots of computer trouble. I've got a full time day job and will be working on the game in the evenings and weekends. I'll make a devlog to report the progress, feel free to follow me on itch so you know when the game is out.

Sadly, I'm not going to have enough time to complete my entry, even to a playable state. I've had many complications and delays. I will still build the game, just not for the jam, and over the next few weeks.

I just uploaded a new OSX .dmg build of Witch Color that should work correctly. (I have a lot to learn about OSX distribution processes)

If you have a Mac, please check it out

I just uploaded a new OSX .dmg build that should work correctly. (I have a lot to learn about OSX distribution processes)

If you have a Mac, please check it out

Thank you. The lovable little cat witch is all thanks to my wife. :)

Yes, we've got plans for mobile. We're going to iron out the "jam" bugs before that happens though.

I'll upload a fixed build as soon as I sort it out. Theres a lot of crazy hacks I had to do to get the game done by the jam deadline that I want to refactor out of the code and make things more robust and maintainable before I forget the code. :D

If you find any other bugs, please report them here:

Thanks for playing the game!

Thanks. All credit for the artwork goes to my wife. She's the expert in that field. :)

I wanted to get a tutorial into the game, but ran out of time, and it got cut along with the "view" feature in the spell book.

The book shows a color on it and that color's name above it.

You must mix colors from potion bottles into the cauldron.

Only certain colors will mix.

When you click on a bottle, you select it, then you click on the cauldron to pour that bottle's contents into the cauldron. This empties the selected bottle.

If the cauldron is empty, the bottle's contents are just placed into the cauldron.

If the cauldron has a color in it, the bottle's color will be mixed with the cauldron's color.

If a successful mix occurs, you will either unlock a new color in the book, or will create an already unlocked color.

You now should select an empty bottle, then click on the cauldron to place that color into the empty bottle.

Some colors will require mixing of higher level colors to achieve.

You can click on any unlocked color in the spell book and click Fill to fill the cauldron with the selected color from the book.

There is a known bug that was discovered after the submission timer ran out where sometimes the bottle's colors will get scrambled after a few swapping of colors, and this messes up the state of the game. To solve, you need to exit the game entirely and run it again. Your game is saved as you play, and things will be fixed when you play again.

If you discover any other bugs, please file an issue report here

If possible, please give reproduction steps.

If you'd like me to send updated exe once I fix an issue, let me know and I'll be happy to do so.

I did it. I managed to get the thing uploaded in time.

One planned feature didn't make it into the game for the jam, but we are going to continue development later.

If anything crashes or acts funny, just run from a terminal/command line and tell me the errors that you see, and I will see what I can do to help.

If the OSX .app bundle fails to run on your machine, try running it from the terminal and let me know any errors that come up. I submitted the .app with 6 seconds left on the submission clock!

Really excited about the jam. Team of two here is trying to get our entry done in time. Made lots of great progress today. Must sleep soon sadly.

I'm working on a more fleshed out version with all the features that I ran out of time to implement.
I'll post a link to it soon as it's ready. 

I crazily had the idea to enter with only an hour on the clock left.

This is my 50 minute entry to the jam.

It's nothing impressive, other than that I managed to pull something playable out of under an hour with no planning.

Sorry it's just playable on an onlin coding box right now. I might have a downloadable executable later If anyone is interested.

Finally got this resolved. For anyone who runs in to the same problem, this worked for me:

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Well this is a bummer. I wanted to participate and try out the Godot engine that everyone's raving about on twitter.

I've got OSX Sierra 10.12.6 and this is what I get when I try to run the "stable" build of Godot.

I know this isn't right. I tried re-downloading, thinking maybe a bad download was the cause. No dice.

Can anyone help?

Would it be possible to provide an mac build?

I couldn't run it on windows 8, it refused to run. No error, just refused to run.

That's pretty cool man!

Thanks for putting up a mac build so I could check it out.

I'd have responded sooner, but I was having ISP troubles.

I am so very proud of you for creating, completing, and publishing your first game. :)

It's fun, challenging, comical, and all around a nicely made little game.

I hope that you create many more! :)

Hey that's an interesting idea. I could use a random flip through a dictionary to choose a word for people to base their entry around.

sixdayjam community · Created a new topic Next #sixdayjam

I will be busy in July, so I am thinking of hosting the next #sixdayjam in August. How does that sound to everyone?

Would you like a theme to go with the next one? Or did you enjoy the freedom of development of the jam?

Is there any way to publish a build for Mac? If not, that's okay. I'll just have to check out your game later on a PC


So my entry is finally done, sort of. I didn't get to do what I wanted, but I'm happy with the result. It was built from the ground up in < 24 hours.

I'll be putting up the source code to the game and the many tools I built to create it soon.

Enjoy Walled In.

Aww. I'll check it out. I hope you had fun.

sixdayjam community · Created a new topic Extension

Hey everyone, so I didn't realize that Father's Day was going to fall on the last day of the jam when I created it, and it's become a speed-bump for a lot of people. I'm extending the jam for an extra weekend, so you can make up for the lost time and make something cool. :)

For the next jam, I will look carefully at the calendar before setting up the dates.

Didn't get to the point I wanted to yesterday. That leaves me with two days left. I only just now realized that The last day of this jam is June 19th and that's Father's Day. I'm probably going to work on my entry on June 17th and the 18th so that I'm open to do other things on Sunday.

After realizing that I was going to end up with over 100MB of assets to do what I wanted to do, I decided to take a different approach entirely... Which led me to start writing a software 3d rendering engine for my project. I've pushed it up to my github repository if you are curious... I've still got a few bugs at the moment that I need to go over my maths again and see where the problem originates from, so that I can squash them.

If I can get to the point where my initial gameplay environment is running before end of day, I will be happy. If not, well... then reaching finished game status by end of the jam will be really really difficult if not impossible altogether.

Alright I didn't get a lot of time yesterday to work on things, I was away from the house for most of the day, but I did get some things done. I haven't pushed the latest commits just yet. I did finally decide what I want to create as far as a game though. I'm going to try to put in most of today's hours into this thing, because now that I have the idea in my head, I really want to finish it.

I started fresh as far as code goes, only copying over a portion of one of the previously created (from last week's commits) files. Things have a different approach this time around, and it's been going well. I will push the new stuff up when I call it a day tonight.

Time to dig in and start kicking this todo-list's ass!

Excited to work on my project again tomorrow! Going to try to start getting some sort of game mechanics rocking.

Just added some really crappy keyboard input support. I'm tired of working on it at this time, may come back to it later, or ignore it altogether and build a mouse based game. Don't know yet... Taking a break now.

I have added some basic mouse input support and refactored my rendering routines a bit for more flexibility. Still don't know what I want to create yet... Maybe something will come to mind after I add in keyboard input support, which is next on my todo list. :)

I have some basic rendering routines in place now, and I think I'm going to have to break til tomorrow. I've been awake since 7am and it's 1:17am now... Night. Hopefully I can get something shiny built tomorrow.

(1 edit)

Okay I have put up a public github repo where I will be committing my project sources to. Feel free to check things out if you are interested.

Just the initial project is there at the moment, nothing more than the minimal boilerplate project setup. ~30 minutes of setup.

I haven't named what I'm making for this thing yet, hell, I don't even know what I am making yet. So I'm just starting this thread to kick off my progress tracking. I'm going to start with the basics, and get my rendering engine up and running. I'm using ECMAScript 2015 via the Babel 6 transpiler, and a library-free HTML5 canvas rendering setup.

sixdayjam community · Created a new topic The time is now!

Welcome to #sixdayjam! It's time to begin.

Create something awesome! And have fun!

Feel free to create a thread to track your progress.

Hey man, long time no see! Awesome that you're here. I can't wait to see what you create. :)

Hey, welcome to #sixdayjam! I hope you enjoy!

Coolness! I really hope that you are able to find the time to participate!