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A topic by kingthomasc created Jun 06, 2016 Views: 191 Replies: 7
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Started work on my game today; unfortunately I was busy this weekend so I lost a couple of prime days. I will be working today and tomorrow and switch to weekends this Saturday. I talked with my roommate and I think we came up with an achievable idea that will be fun. It is a simple take turns strategy game that will be local multiplayer. I have elected to use Javascript with Canvas rendering. I have basic rendering and input completed. I will mostly be working on the concepts and basic engine setup this week and move on to the game itself next week. I haven't set up a repo yet, but I probably will soon. It is off to work for me and I will continue working when I get off.

Good luck everyone!


Worked some more on my game today. I added hit detection on movement so that units could not stack and attack mechanics. This evening I hope to be able to add ranged attack and improve some of the controls. The next task will be training units. Then I will be moving on to the point control to collect resources and to collect victory points. Things are progressing very rapidly and it is looking good to complete on time.


I have added ranged attacks and am now trying to think up a way to improve the controls because they seem really clunky right now. I have started working on unit recruitment and will move on to point control next. Thing are going much better than I ever hoped and I might even have enough time to test for some semblance of balance.


Moved the control scheme into phases. You can move units in the move phase, attack in attack phase, and build during build phase. This simplifies the controls and prevents the abuse of kiting and the like. Should help with balance and make the game more intuitive. Moving on to resource collection and then I will add unit production. I think I might be able to get all the core mechanics done this weekend and spend the rest of the time making it more pretty and balanced.

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I put my project up on bitbucket:


The game has come along quite nicely. Mechanically, everything is there. I am working on making things look a little less terrible, but I am not great at that, and making the game balanced enough to be at least reasonably playable. I am pretty happy with how it all works and how simple it is to keep building on. Unfortunately, since tomorrow is Father's day, I won't have as much time to work on this as I would like so some things, namely the balance, won't quite be where I want them to be. Oh well, I think the concept of the game will come across just fine.


I will not have time to work on the game this weekend so I will be submitting it as it is.


Aww. I'll check it out. I hope you had fun.