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I wanted to get a tutorial into the game, but ran out of time, and it got cut along with the "view" feature in the spell book.

The book shows a color on it and that color's name above it.

You must mix colors from potion bottles into the cauldron.

Only certain colors will mix.

When you click on a bottle, you select it, then you click on the cauldron to pour that bottle's contents into the cauldron. This empties the selected bottle.

If the cauldron is empty, the bottle's contents are just placed into the cauldron.

If the cauldron has a color in it, the bottle's color will be mixed with the cauldron's color.

If a successful mix occurs, you will either unlock a new color in the book, or will create an already unlocked color.

You now should select an empty bottle, then click on the cauldron to place that color into the empty bottle.

Some colors will require mixing of higher level colors to achieve.

You can click on any unlocked color in the spell book and click Fill to fill the cauldron with the selected color from the book.

There is a known bug that was discovered after the submission timer ran out where sometimes the bottle's colors will get scrambled after a few swapping of colors, and this messes up the state of the game. To solve, you need to exit the game entirely and run it again. Your game is saved as you play, and things will be fixed when you play again.

If you discover any other bugs, please file an issue report here

If possible, please give reproduction steps.

If you'd like me to send updated exe once I fix an issue, let me know and I'll be happy to do so.

Oh, that book click fill was what i missed