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Hello Monekybini! The screenshots for this page are 20x16 tiles to fit the recommended screenshot size. The screen size in Godot is up to you really! You can fit as many (or as little) tiles as you see fit.

"When you used the tiles in godot", I'm not sure exactly what you refer to! Was it maybe in a YouTube video?

The tiles can be used at the original scale (16x16 pixel tiles). No scaling needed! ;)

This tileset is not designed for a specific game engine. I'm not familiar with Unity, but any engine that allows to use tiles should be fine ;)

Thank you! :)

Oh hi it's Low-Res, thank you! I've seen your work, it's really nice!

Thanks, I was afraid it may not always be clear what the tiles were supposed to be, so I decided to add the extra column for that :)

Good luck with Super Retro World too!  

This little demo looks great! Thank you for the suggestion, I've added shadows for trees and some general ones that can be used for the building, but the character doesn't have one. I'll keep it in mind for the next update ;)

Great to hear!  Yes,  having them separate can be helpful for having different weapon types without the need of duplicating the character. I'll keep it in mind for the next update ;)

Hello Ten! Yes, the animation of the character with the sword takes up 32x32 pixels. I'd say the best way to go is to consider the sword as a separate entity and put it on top of the character. The attack animation was based on the way it is done in "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past", in that tileset the sword is a separate tile to be placed on top of the character (with a given offset).

The best would be to have the two as separate entities in the tileset. I can work on this quite quickly and update the file ;)

Thank you for subscribing on YouTube! I did show a bit of Tiled a very long time ago in a short video. I should probably make a bit of a better, more specific walkthrough video when I have some time in the future!

Hello TenToes!
Thank you for the planet idea, I've actually already started working on the next one and it's not too far from your idea. The next tileset is going to be a sci-fi/tech one, I'm taking inspiration from Xenoblade for it! I really like the idea of ancient tech as a whole! ;)

Hello TenToes! The tiles aren't specifically designed in mind for one engine in particular. I personally use Tiled, which allows to create maps based on a given tileset, I've used it for the creation of the promotional work for Pixelarium and it works pretty well. You can also import the maps you create from Tiled directly into Godot ;)

Hello TenToes! There are definitely going to be more animated character designs (based on the one I already have) and I'd also like to add some enemies as well. As for new animations, I'm still thinking about them.
For the time being I'm not really available for commissions (I work full time, I can only work on pixel art before/after work and during the weekends), but I may open some time for commissions when I'm a bit more available :)

Thank you! It mainly depends on the size and deadline of the commission. We should discuss about it in private (

Hello everybody,   Ric here!

I've just launched the very first installment of   Pixelarium,   a collection of 2D top-down pixel art tilesets! 

 Pixelarium   = Pixel + Planetarium :     a collection of "pixel planets" with different themes, all coexisting in the same Ricverse!  I'd love Pixelarium to be an expanding project to express myself creatively. I already have a lot of ideas for upcoming tilesets ;) 

This is currently version 1.0, the idea is to improve update the tileset over time .

I decided to call this first tileset "Village of All Beginnings" as a tribute to one of my favorite games  of my childhood: Tomba! (1998) .  I found it quite fitting as the beginning of this new side project!

This first tileset includes:

  • grass,  sand, rock tiles with variations
  • tiles for buldings,  furniture, floors
  • a variety of items to be used for an RPG game
  • an animated character with idle, run and attack animations

I'm currently running a launch sale throughout the end of March, in case you guys are interested!

Since this is my very first commercial tileset,   I'd truly appreciate any feedback. I'd love to  improve on the quality of the product as much as I can.

This looks great! Can't wait to give it a try :)
50% is already a huge achievement!!

Hello BlackBurnOut!
Thank you  so much for taking the time to play the game and write such an in-depth review with pictures and all!
This feedback is very valuable for me to make the game better and improve my overall skills as a novice   game developer :)

Congratulations on finding the 501st coin! That's more of an Easter egg to see if someone would find it. If you're on the Discord Server, feel free to contact me in DMs and I'll grant the special "Treasure Hunter"  role for finding all coins ;) 

Hello Mrosalesdiaz!
It's possibly a problem with the MacOS version. I know for sure that the game opens for MacOS up to 10.14.
Unfortunately I don't really know how to fix it for next versions (I don't have a Mac!).

I'll give more updates once I have a solution for the problem.
Have a nice day  :)

Hello Rslonik!
I'm very sorry for this super late reply. I just noticed you had commented here!
It may be due to the  version. The current build works for sure for MacOS 10.14.
Unfortunately I don't have a Mac to test the game, but I'd assume that the problem  starts from 10.15 onward.

Again, I'm very sorry for the  late reply! I try to reply to everybody but I forgot there may be comments here . I really thank you for checking the game out  and I hope   there'll be a solution soon so that you can try out the new version :)
Have a nice  day,

Very good game! I really enjoyed the mechanics. Simple but effective and definitely  a good take on the jam's theme!
The puzzles were short and sweet and interesting to solve! Highly recommended!

Thank you for playing the demo man! 70 coins is a lot indeed, I'm sorry to read you got stuck too.

I'm currently rewriting the part of the state machine which causes the game to softlock when switching state. I'm going to release a new version of this alpha without a lot of these bugs. It's a work in progress ;) 

No, unfortunately the saving system doesn't work (yet!). I'm currently learning how to build one properly! 

Thank you for reporting the bug! 

Probably linked to the 'down' button being pressed while landing after a jump. The character's movement gets disabled when you 'look up/down' and it doesn't get enabled back correctly. 

The Ruins have been waiting.
The time has come to reveal their Secrets.

The very first alpha of Quantum Ruins is finally out! I've been working on the game for 4 months and have challenged myself to release a demo before the end of the year.

Alpha 1.0 focuses on the 2 most important aspect of the game: Exploration and Platforming. From the start you'll be able to jump (space bar) and move the camera upwards/downwards (up/down) which will allow you to better observe the environment.

To finish the demo, you'll need to unlock 2 upgrades. For the more adventurous, collecting coins and the special "pieces" will lead you to unlock 2 extra upgrades.

The game is still in very early development, bugs are very likely to be present in the game. If you encounter any noticeable bug, I'd be very grateful if you shared it with me so that I can fix them. Our Discord Server has a specific channel for bug reports.

Hope you'll have fun in the ruins. I've tried my best!