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Thank You for your feedback ,  really appreciate that VOiD1 Gaming 

IncensedAnimals is a 2d platformer game in production, where you control an animal and kill aliens who are trying to mutate the animals. 

Right now we have launched a pre-alpha game 4 days back. we did everything we though of, but we still lack few things we would appreciate if you could provide us with your valuable feeback 

please check the page


Incensed animals  - Dev log 3 

So in my previous  blog i mentioned that i have finished a level . so today i spend more than 3 hours adding, fixing and removing stuff from the level thought it would be a great idea. 

While working on the level i figured few editing that i should make which are 

adding few more sound effects, visual effects and telling a back story 

So i made an animated video , a compilation of multiple images ,  the problem with this is that it took almost 1 min to finish the video. so i had to edit and tweak but the time stays the same if not there is not point in showing the video 

So i came up with different idea that is loading time , so i planning to release it with 100 levels with 10 characters to unlock and each character with 10 levels so every time the player goes from one level to another there will be a loading screen with duration of 5 sec - 10 sec that will display a story and will also act as a tutorial 

below is the image of it . ive few more targets this week to go ill keep you posted till then cheers :) 

incensed animals

incensed animals
(1 edit)

 So yesterday i was thinking of adding screenshakes, and some effects while colliding. 

so the first thing i did was to setup screenshake in game maker. so every time the player kills an enemy the screen would shake now. 

I have also added player health . every time the player uses the impulse force the player health decreases, and whenever he kills one he regains the health not fully but partially.

Though i had added sound effects yesterday again, i didn't like it, so i removed them trying to find out what kind of music would suite that gameplay. 

Now i did test the game it was okay, now i needed to added few things such as background and some level building blocks. 

Now most of my art assets i used in the game, are brought through a website called gamedeveloeprstudio made by robert. His assets are indie friendly so do check out his site 

I had brought a jungle background and the level building blocks along with few trees, flowers etc. from him 

now it was time for me to make one test level. 

it took me nearly on hour to fix an error Bllood spattering effect in game maker, It's not working properly so i had to change the effect to creating multiple sprite images and then destroying it after some second 

So the level is finished now, the level in this game is basically a rip from my old game that i never published 

incensed animals

incensed animals

So Fast forwarding to what happened after my last log update, project got corrupted, home shift, system got corrupted, felt like the universe was against my game. so after tacking much needed time i am back with promise to my sef that i should always keep multiple backup files in coud, and hardrives. 

Since my project got corrupted i decided my be its for good had to list down all the things i needed to edit in my previous game which are as follows 

1. No more physics world . 

Now my game is based on physics platformer so i had to use the Game maker physics property. Now yes i agree that the physics property is actualy life saving , but in my case it was more like blessing in disguise it heped my achieve main game core without much effort, but there other aspect of the game that i had to figure how to , like every Game dev my next stop was Google , only to surprise Google is also like our Ex- Girlfriend you will find everything else other than what you actually want. i spent almost  3 months before giving up the idea that google can give me what i want. So my next stop was hire a freelance.  Dao Chi , man this guy is a life saver previously he did help me with few projects along with the old incesed animal version. and he agreed to help me with stuff. So i asked him that i need Impulse force without an active physics and he did it beautifully. so my next target was to Make a Trajectory 

2. Making a trajectory 

The trajectory was also coded by Dao chi, day before yesterday meaning on 1/09/2021

3. was to test it 

i was impressed by the it, as i though may be ive to change to using physics but he managed to do it without it . So there was few bugs that i had noted the pull is not working as i expected it doesn't feel right , so i was juicing the movement to make it look like its ok 

so my next turn was to add few sound effects 

4. sound effects 

so i bought few sound effects from zap music a friend of  mine helped me with the sound , the music is something i just fixed it for now until its ok. 

So the sound effect is okay and the core mechanism is also working fine 

This week we were working on level selection screen. First we though of going with locked levels. then it wasnt working with the theme nor it was actually running. so i just made separte levels with each animals. Still i am thinking of updating it something like a main level selection screen the different animals and then it will take you to the level screen where you will be able to select the particular level from the chosen animal level. 

This week was more hard than i thought it would. 

Any way here is the screen shot of the level selection screen. 


#incensedanimals main menu test 2 

last week few of our peers told us that the menu looks a lot like angry birds and its lot of green along with few flowers escpeccially the red flower is distracting, so we decided to make few main menu using Photoshop and below are the some of the main menu screen 

Incensed Animals. Today We successfully made our game main menu For #incensedAnimals Tell us how the game is 

Incensed Animals. today we were finally able to finish the intro menu for incensed animals. Its not much but i  had to make sure that it is working, GIF had issues so as videos and timeline anime so finally figured out its okay to go with a single slide image that shows why this game is happening Incensed Animals

Incensdanimals intro

Incensed Animals A 2d physics Platformer Game. Where you control animals. The mechanism of the game is simple click the player and drag then release to launch the player. You supposed to launch the player towards the Gobi an alien race came to take over their home.

Each Part of the jungle is being controlled different animals.

Each Level has different enemy with different abilities.

Be careful if the time runs out then the gobi explodes leaving poisonus gas around the forest.

Some of the gobi might be protected by wood block or ice blocks you are supposed to knock them down in order to get it

Some gobi you can not touch so you might have to use available objects such as rocks or other things.

in order to clean your forest you need to get to the final chapter where you control the king of the jungle and eliminate all the gobi

 #puzzle #platformer #other #pointnclick