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Interesting concept, okay i will try it

We loved your game, congrats!

this game is sick, congrats

We hope you like our game review on your game

We hope you like our game review on your game

games made with godot fails to load on my pc

now and then my pc doesn't load games made with godot engine, that sucks!

This is a really  cool game, congrats!

Nice project, congrats!

We really like your game, congrats!

This game is awesome, congrats.

Awesome game, congrats!

I'm Just doing what I feel like and i hope with time more people start doing the same since there so many people trying to do their best.

gaming takes so much time from the indie games dev I tell that by experience 

HyperBowl community · Created a new topic Very fun

We checked out this game and had fun with it even though it would be better if we could control with the mouse too

Very interesting and amazing game, we enjoyed it a lot!

This game was fun and very cool too!

we also played it and had fun with the game!

Very fun and entertaining, we played a litte bit of it!

it was easy for me, i just turned my pc upside down and gravity worked! me and my daugher played it here:

There you go, my friend

it is missing files

On it

you can say that again LOL

I just feel like i'm doing something to support the game dev, so if they have time to check the game review it is enough for me.

I will for sure

for us your game is suuuper cool, and we're still remembering how it was fun to play it,  congrats again and i hope we can make more reviews on your games.

We really found your game fun to play

Hope you like our game review there

Your game is so cool that we made a gamereview on that

We hope you like our game review there


Your game is really cool man, congrats

We made a game review from one of your games since the comment are not enable there, so there you have it here.

This room is scary

Hope you like our game review on that.
Your game is super fun to play, congrats!

We really, really liked your game, congrats!

Yes sir!

That would be our pleasure to review that game