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Not bad at all!

how do you play it?

Game is not working, it opens a black page

the controls are kinda confusing

A browser version would be really welcome tho...

For a first project this game looks really cool, congrats man

Don't call this game "porcaria", it's far from it, I really liked the humor in the game, and teasing stuffs, hilarious, congrats man

Story of my life kkkkkkkkkkkkk

Foi super legal desenvolver esse game para essa Jam. Já que acabei de postar o meu game,  amanhã vou estar testando o demais games de outros competidores para dar um apoio à todos que se aventuraram nessa Jam.

Desejo boa sorte à todos!

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk really cool game

nice game

sorry for missing the theme there, i also had fun playing my own game which is not common lol

I was running out of time, so untill now i have no idea what is causing that error... i forgot to fix the  kick 's OP

I'm aware of all the issues, but i really had fun time making this game nonetheless

nice job, congrats


Vc  pode primeiro focar no relogio com um pulo dai o outro pulo vc deixa pra os outros dois

seria muito injusto mesmo

1 PULO??? isso é uma game jam e não uma concurso de quem mente mais kkkkk thanks for playing my game

Unity engine

kkkkkkkk dude, you are AWESOME!!!!

this game is DOPE!

I liked it so much so that i even asked my daughters to play that to see how good they are at puzzles kkkkk  congrats again 

acabai de fechar o seu game, suuuuuper massa. a píor fase pra mim foi a porra do tortilio, aquela galinha deformada daporra, coisa amarga meu hehehe

interesting idea

wow, really nice game, congrats

really funny, kkk i liked the music tho

what a doozie! really cool, although that game could be a bit harder in the difficulty

Having some issues pc, really sucks, but i will test it my friend

Awesome game, congrats!

Awesome game, congrats!

Awesome game, congrats!

Awesome game, congrats!

once again, this game is really awesome and beautiful

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I'm trying but i got this message "Cannot read property 'getParameter' of undefined"

and yes, im using chrome


This game is really cool, congrats


This game is really cool, congrats