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On POP! OS, starting the game right out of the box isn't possible; the game wants the file when only the 1.10 version comes packaged with the game. Renaming said file to fixed the issue for me. Not sure if it will work on other distros.

The devs have said that it's coming, but they're trying to fix performance issues.

I'm still somewhat new to Linux, so hopefully I did this right:

[UnityMemory] Configuration Parameters - Can be set up in boot.config




























Just bought the game for Linux, but can't get it to actually start. System Monitor says it's running, but the game doesn't even boot up. Not sure where to go from here. Running the latest ver. of POP! OS.

I'd love a Linux version. I'd played the demo before switching to Linux and would love to play the full game on there.

Running the latest version of POP os. I already set the permissions to run as a program, so I'm not sure what else would prevent it from running. Maybe a missing library? 

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Dungeon Witches describes itself as a "tiny 8bit Rogue-lite RPG" that revolves around the "magic of the 'Home!'" 

That is to say, the many ways to use your house in combat. Yes, really. 

It's "roguelike" in the sense that it's top-down, turn-based, and the character moves on a grid; no procedural generation or permadeath here. 

On your journey to find your missing sister, you'll learn how to kick your house across the screen, push enemies with it, cross dangerous terrain, and teleport. If you get banged up, just walk into your house and sleep it off. It's invincible, so use it to shield yourself from foes.

I bought it on a whim and found it extremely charming, particularly the unique house mechanic and the cute 8-bit graphics,  It's only about 2 hours long, but I really enjoyed it.

Thanks for getting it fixed!

It works! Thanks! Looking forward to the fixed version. 

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Can anyone tell a new Linux user how to run the Linux version (specifically the Pyxel version)? I've tried a few different things, but I can't get it to start. Using the latest Pop OS.

Any updates on the Linux version?  I see they're up on Steam and GOG, but not

Strangely, I never had this issue until well into the New Home DLC, during what I think is the final stretch of the dungeon. That might be the only place it happens; I'll have to check that.

Don't remember much about my PC's graphic specs off the top of my head, but I'm using NVIDIA and the computer's beefy enough to run MGSV without issue.

Turning down pixel size greatly reduced the lag's severity. It's still somewhat noticeable, but otherwise the game's quite playable, so I'll consider that my solution. I'd prefer not to rely on a 3rd party fix if I don't have to. Thanks so much for the help!

So now that the folder's where it should be, it's experiencing the same issues as the GOG version; anytime the camera zooms in, the framerate slows to a snail's pace until it returns to normal. Kinda hard to use your more powerful moves when it slows to a glacier's pace every time. I tried a fix for nwjs some time back, but it either didn't work or I did it wrong.

I stumbled across one of your comments on the page for A New Home about moving the Post Game folder to the Extension folder.  I didn't know about that, so I'll try that when I get a chance and see how that works. 

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Purchased CrossCode in the Ukraine Bundle and bought the New Home DLC from I was wondering if the Itch version of the game would work with saves from the GOG version I'd originally played the game in, so I thought I'd give it a try. No dice. I tried to send the crash log to feedback@radicalfishgames, but Gmail can't find it and the crash log is too long to post here. If the devs (or anyone else) could help me out, I'd really appreciate it.

Edit: Tried with the GOG version and while it loads saves, it still has the same issue it's had for a while: massive slowdown when the camera zooms in.

Okay, I see. Thanks for clearing that up. 

Well, it's 2022 now. Any updates on that?

Great! Really looking forward to it. 

Really enjoyed the demo. This is tons of fun. Is the full release coming to 

Is there a changelog available for this game? It's been updated a few times lately and I'm curious what the changes are.

Pretty sure DRM-free is the standard on

Is the new ExamTaker dlc included in the Itch version?

Oh great! Thanks so much. 

Any plans for controller support in the future?

Does anyone know if the version has controller support?

Does that mean the game needs an internet connection to work?

Ok, thanks. Wondered if it might have led to a secret ending or something.

I finished this game recently and I have to say, it's really good. Gameplay, level design, and the boss fights were especially solid.

But I'm wondering, is there any reason to do the Jackal level near the endpoint of the game? Just curious if I missed anything.

As someone who grew up on the Gameboy Advance, I love how accurately this game captures how it felt to play on the beloved handheld.

Nostalgia aside, this is shaping up to be a really good game. Art looks great and gameplay is quite enjoyable. Really looking forward to this one.