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Nice one bro

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Hi Akhil, with gradual movement  you'll be tempted to inch towards a nearby fish leading to a fall, the effect i felt was better this way. And standing still is one of the main strategy that eventually everyone will resort to, i had plans of incentivizing the player to keep moving but due to time constraints i  couldn't implement it  but also your suggestion is equally effective , Thank you so much for the feedback and  playing my game :).

hahaha, thank you so much for playing :D

Hey thank you so much for playing :)

Hey thank you so much for playing :)

the interaction for ropes many people couldn't see it as well, we will improve the tutorials , thanks for your suggestions and also for playing.

Thank you playing and also taking time to share your feedback, we will be fixing them accordingly and post an update soon

nice fun game , good graphics, i enjoyed playing it

it was little difficult to play, but a nice game, good work

Nice game!, i felt if there were multiple hit points before re-spawing would've made it little less punishing, 

nice game

Control instructions was needed in the game, apart from that visual feedback for glass breaking and repairing could be better, apart  from that pretty good game, i enjoyed playing it :)

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Bironite Glitch [Turn Based]

The negative energies(cynics) renounced by monks are trying to get back inside the monks body by destroying the bironite (the healing force elemental crystal). Help the monks by defending the Bironite and killing all cynics.

This is the basic game play presented in demo version, critiques and feedback would really help to improve this game further.

Thank you