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A member registered Apr 18, 2016

Recent community posts

I can just run past everyone. 0/15 kills. Those jump pads are BS. Fire whoever did those

The screen freezes when the level switches. I tried Chrome and Explorer. I only got to do the first level.

That was great. The mechanics were well done. Best rating I've given yet. I just wish it didn't have to be on a forced big screen.

Oh, I had a friend play it and he found out the pooping rainbows bit. I thought that animation meant you where tired and couldn't do another move for a moment.

That was more challenging than I expected from this kind of game. I like the color themes. Fun!

Pretty funny, but "news break" takes all my peeps

That was pretty good. I only made it to 2 keys

That was oddly fun. I would love to see more

Those fences will be the death of me

The hitbox is a bit big :\

I played this more than I should have.

The finding the IDs by the Easter eggs is fun.. It would be nice if there was a sound for the return ship. I'm guessing you're using Unity, the HTML builds suck right now. I was having performance issues.