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Thanks, using this for a prototype!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback <3

Thanks <3

Awesome work <3

Very fun game, difficulty curve works well, Easy at first to learn then harder and harder. Trade off between planting and shooting is cool, and the chaos later in the game is a lot of fun. Being able to see a bit more would be nice! Great game!

Maps are randomly generated. If you mow all the grass tiles on a map then you will get sent to another lawn, if you don't mow 'em all, you get sent to the menu. Thanks for playing!! :)

The level isn't built up from the solution sadly,  however this was one of my goals, but I didn't set aside the time to learn how to do that. When building the level gas is offered super generously though so as far as I've seen they are very very very likely to have a solution, however, it does not define a solution path and make sure there's enough gas on that path. I honestly doubt I'll keep on working on it (aside from bugfixes) because I'm working on two more projects I am much more excited about. Thank you for playing and the compliments :)

Thank you for your help :)

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Sorry you experienced that! I did a decent amount of testing and didn’t catch that, maybe it’s from something I did close to submission time. I’m gonna try to replicate it now! Thanks for giving it a try and for the feedback. Also incase it’s browser specific, which browser were you using?

Cute game! I really like the art, it has a great atmosphere!

Cool game. Fun to explore the world. I love the main character animations!

Awesome game! The art and dialogue have a lot of character which made it very engaging to explore the world!

Super fun!

This is a really cool concept. Had a lot of fun with it. Something about it made me a little dizzy, that might just be a me thing, idk. Cool mechanics and puzzles. Great job!

Cool game, fun to play. It would be nice to have a bit more feedback when you get shot. The art works well in the game, good job!

That was really fun! The amount of different cards was great, kept the gameplay feeling fresh the whole way through. The art was great too, I liked the spell effects. Awesome game!

Ohh I didn't notice the score, cool!

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Very polished game, would love more content! Feels very nice to play. The dice theme doesn't seem to influence the gameplay very much would be my only criticism. (edit: I'm blind and didn't notice the score) When I got the triple shot gun I just stopped picking up dice. Maybe when the player dashrolls that could switch their weapon, then the dice pickups could incrementally add more sides to the player character that increase the weapon pool with better weapons. Still super fun game to play, and it looks awesome with tons of juice, would love an extended version!

Messed around a bit with this on my own as I'm not with a second player. Feels super polished and the graphics are very nice. The funny quips with the power-ups are a great detail. Will def come back to this with a friend!

Thanks :)

Definitely noted, planning to make more levels between 3 and 4! Thanks for playing and giving feedback!

Cool game with cute art. The level design could use a bit of work to take advantage of the mechanics you have set up which for the most part feel good to play with. The jump feels a bit floaty. The art and music are good, good job!

Thankyou for playing, steep difficulty curves are my arch nemeses and less time to make more levels definitely contributed lol. Undo button coming in a future release!

Thankyou! I am continuing development and have been toying with the idea of making an app version. I have never developed for mobile so I am unsure how hard it would be and also if it would be hard to develop for mobile and PC at the same time. 5 is the trikiest imo, thanks for playing!

Haha they're tough levels, it was fun to watch you play them. Thanks!! :)

Cool game, the choice of what to use your 3 dice for adds a lot of strategy that some other games with similar mechanics lack. The art and vibe is nice, however it is a bit too dark (I seen in your stream that your making it lighter though). Great start for a game, seems like it is a concept that could have a lot of options for expansion!

ohh that’s what it’s called, I’ll have to stop calling it a top-down-box-pusher lol thanks for playing!

Cool game, I like the moving cursor idea. I had fun playing, would be great to have some sort of score or timer to stay motivated playing. Also would probably good to limit the player to the lower 2/3rds of the screen so it doesn't look like your awkwardly flying at the top ( or add an animation for flying). Cool game though, good job!! :)

Cool project! It seems like it needs a bit more polish to be fun. But good start for a fun game, The art and music works well.

Super fun game! I got 8015. The modifiers were fun (A/D was kinda op though, but in a fun way). Love the whole vibe and the "lore". Great game!

Pretty sweet game! It was pretty hard to get to dots on the outside of the board which was a bit frustrating but overall very creative take on the theme!

I love the presentation of this game, especially the pencils and dice sitting on the outside of the map. The gameplay loop is pretty fun for a quick play session, though I could see it growing stale over an extended play session. Cool game, great job!

Cool game, with nice art. I found it a bit difficult though. Especially with enemies normally being very close to you, the ranged aspect of the players attack option felt redundant at times. The attack could also be more powerful imo.  Auto pickup on the dice might have been nice as well or at least allow the player to pick up and hold without clicking twice. Overall great start, and with some tweaks I think it could be a really fun experience, especially because the core dice mechanic is pretty cool.

Thank you!!!

Definitely on the to-do list, I was scrambling to get it implemented but couldn't finish it in time!

Thanks for playing! :)

There will be more! If you want to keep up to date on new releases follow me :)

Thankyou for playing! :)

Super fun game! Very polished with a distinct style as usual. Keep up the great work, I always enjoy you games!!

Took a minute to get used to it but once I did it was fun. Really satisfying going for combos. Great work!