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Fun game! Got to the end but wasn't able to A all the levels :)

Some day I will hit 100k

Cool game! Visuals are fantastic. Enjoy the gameplay a lot. Dragon in the background is super cool!

Really enjoyed it. Addicting in the same way that Vampire Survivors is. Only thing that bothered me was the jump. Attack was cool to play with and progression was great. Awesome game!

Great use of the restriction. I lost it all before I got on the leaderboard lol. Addicting loop!

Really fun! Box amount curve got me a bit, felt like it got exponential suddenly. Really had fun. Cute style with the 2D/3D assets!

Fun game! I liked how fast the dragon moved, immediately made the game feel fun! Great presentation and cool gameplay :)

Cool game! The sprites are awesome for the 3 characters. Enjoyed the gameplay, would like to see it expanded!

Cool game! Art and sound were cute, and gameplay was fun. I agree with the other commenter that the hitboxes could be a bit more forgiving. I would also like if the pace of each run got quicker a bit faster. Great game, especially like the people animation with the wavy arms :)

Great game! Balance felt very nice on my playthrough, was on the edge of my seat the hole time, just scraping by!

I'm not sure if there is a happy ending but I got the sad ending :( Great game though!! Writing was really charming and I felt very engaged the whole time! Poor Dragon!!

Awesome artwork! Gameplay Felt very  polished!

Thanks!!  I am glad you had fun!

Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks so much!!

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked the artwork,  I spent a lot of time on it!

Fun game! Really love the sprites! Although I enjoyed the platforming having to restart the game on dead and being spawn killed on Level 2 brought down my enjoyment a bit. Would love to play more without the game restart on death :)

Fun concept! I got 75 after a few tries. A bit more polish would go a long way towards making the game more endless. Overall I liked the idea and execution!

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Player feels really fun to control! I had some fun with this game, but there were some things I didn't understand. I would sometimes switch levels/rooms seemingly randomly. Also not sure why it says level 7 in the corner, I think it said that most of the time I was playing. Am I stuck on level 7? Screen pictured below was fun. I died a bunch of times then realized I could climb up on the left, very satisfying! Great work, the character controls great and would def play an expanded/polished version :)

Edit: Can't post screenshot for some reason of level I was talking about

had fun with this game! Loved the animations and art. Cute froggy and enemies <3.  I kinda felt the game was too easy for a while and then suddenly I made a mistake and the rock went flying down the mountain... maybe it wasn't as easy as I thought. Great entry!

Really fun use of the holiday theme. I thought the difficulty curve was really well done, I lost a few lives in some of the early rounds and just had enough money to recover! Would play an expanded version!

Love the visuals! I haven't played clickers much so Idk if I played optimally but I had fun trying!!

Thanks! There is sound, it was just way too low volume. Since you played I increased the sfx volume so it should be hopefully audible now.  No promises it is good sound :)

Nice, thanks for playing!!

Thanks for playing and the kind words!! Apologies to your brain, hope it recovers 😋.


That took me soo long lol I didn't know it was could be that hard to lose tic tac toe- time to go back and see what happens if I lose the first game!

This was a joy to play, I got to 3825, and died when I accidently handed the guy the wrong sword and like 8 things went flying, I laughed out loud :D

Cool game!

Fun game! I got stuck on the second level, needed to look at comments to find out it wasn't impossible before figuring it out. I think maybe switching the second and third level would have had a better flow. Great art and fun game!

hey thanks for playing! Honestly didn’t have much motivation to develop for the first half of the Jam which lead to less time for polish and no time for sound :/

Hey fun game. I got 21 in Normal mode. I would' have liked if it was a bit less clicky (like have an option to hold in mouse button instead of spam click). Great work!

Had dun with this one. The art, music, and colours work really well together. I found the core mechanic very confusing at first though! Once it clicked I had fun with the puzzle design. Awesome stuff!

Thanks, using this for a prototype!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback <3

Thanks <3

Awesome work <3

Very fun game, difficulty curve works well, Easy at first to learn then harder and harder. Trade off between planting and shooting is cool, and the chaos later in the game is a lot of fun. Being able to see a bit more would be nice! Great game!

Maps are randomly generated. If you mow all the grass tiles on a map then you will get sent to another lawn, if you don't mow 'em all, you get sent to the menu. Thanks for playing!! :)

The level isn't built up from the solution sadly,  however this was one of my goals, but I didn't set aside the time to learn how to do that. When building the level gas is offered super generously though so as far as I've seen they are very very very likely to have a solution, however, it does not define a solution path and make sure there's enough gas on that path. I honestly doubt I'll keep on working on it (aside from bugfixes) because I'm working on two more projects I am much more excited about. Thank you for playing and the compliments :)