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Arquivo corrompido?

Aqui também aparece como corrompido.

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Great great jam game!

- The mechanic/concept is creative, unusual and PERFECTLY fits the theme. It is being used for some recent mobile games, but not in the same way (it is more common in endless runners).

- The atmosphere is amazing. The art fits together very well.

- The music selection (or composing) is perfect.

- The level design, despite the difficulty, really works to make the mechanics feel useful.

In the end, I loved your work. I'm very happy to see you achieving it.

 Really amazing jam game. Congrats to you all.

Thanks and congrats again. Rock solid experience.

Very solid entry. Congrats.

That countdown sound, could you please share the source (or did you make it by yourself)?

Thanks a lot!

Thank you. We hope to have our 1.02 version this weekend, with some brand new stories. Thanks for playing and the kind comment.

Misfits, thanks a lot for the feedback. We are very glad you played and enjoyed it. Did you also notice that you get more followers if you make a right judgement against the % (which represent the votes the other players already made)? That's our "don't follow the herd" mechanic. :) Thanks again.

Hi. Nice game, great pace. Just a heads-up: Are you aware that you can "jump" outside the screen, over the upper border? If you keep pressing UP and SPACE, it seems you can keep out of the screen indefinitely.

Amazing experience. Probably the best GGJ game I've played. Congrats.

Hello, fellow gamedevs and staff.

There is a divergence on the website about the deadline for the jam. The logo says it ends tomorrow, March 11th, but the countdown says "March 3rd 2017 at 10:30 PM to Sunday at 9:30 PM".

So... Which one has the actual deadline?

Thanks in advance.


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