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Understood. Thank you everyone :)

Thank you for the detailed explanation. Would the location of the buyer matters? If a buyer is from outside US, would the amount paid by that buyer still be charged by the withholding tax?

Hello, I am a develoepr from outside the US, and I realized there is a US withholding tax. May I ask is such tax only applied to the amount paid by the buyers within the US? Or it would apply to all the purchaes regardless where buy is?

Thank you.

I am using Adventure Creator. I solved the problem by using STM to control the dialog display of the Adventure Creator system. Before I was doing it the other way round and it driven me nuts...

Thank you very much for all the suggestions, I have much more understanding on STM now :)

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I am trying something like:

if (superText.latestNumber <= TMPDummytext.text.Length) {
superText.readDelay = 0.02f;
superText.Read (dummytext.text.Length*0.02f);
} else {
superText.readDelay = 99999999f;
superText.Read (dummytext.text.Length*0.02f);

where dummytext is the text being controlled by the third party tool. But the stm.Read(float time) sometimes don't match the dummytext reading time. Is there a way to do  stm.Read(int characterIndex) to make STM read from the character index?

stm.latestNumber seems to be the right direction to go.

But for the pause, if I use Append(), I seem not being able to use the Fade (or others) read out effects;

if I change the readDelay parameter to achieve pause, I need to call stm.Read() or stm.Rebuild() each time I change the STM setting by script, and the stm will read from the start again. This happens even I checked stm.rememberReadPosition. What else can I try?

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Thanks for your reply.

Actually I am using a third party tool to control the dialog, thus putting <pause> into the dialog may not be feasible in my case. Because of my would be great if there are ways to fully control the reading and pausing using scripts.

About the length, I mean the number of characters had been read out. Like if the full text is "Hello World", and it is has been read out as "Hello W", I wish the function can return 7. Would[stm.latestNumber] do the trick?

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Hello, may I ask if there are ways to stop or pause the reading by script? Setting the Read Delay to a very large number does the trick, but are there dedicated functions to achieve the stopping and pausing effects?

Also, is there a way to get the length of the STM text that has been read?

Thanks, I will make separated packages then

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Thank you for your clarification.

May I have a follow-up question that, when I add a new chapter to the game, is there an option to make it a DLC on the same game page? Or I can only update the old game or put the new chapter as a separate game?

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Hello, my first post here. I would like to put my game on I wish to make the game first half as free to play, and then the player has to pay for the second half.  May I ask does support IAP? Particularly for games made by Unity?

Otherwise, may I use Paypal IAP inside the game? Or are there other solutions that can achieve the desired effect and work best for

Thank you very much for your help.

I found it especially useful when the different lineBreaks information stored in text and hyphened text are used together :)

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Great, this helps a lot! Thanks.

May I ask is there a way to count the words, line, and words in a line in STM by script?

Hello, may I ask is there a way to make STM show first N characters while hiding the rest?

In my case, all the character has to be in the STM from the beginning, so I cannot use append to add the hidden characters later.

Also as the number "N" changes from frame to frame, I also can't use <delay> or <c> to achieve the effect...

Are there any ways to achieve the desired effect? Thank you for your help.

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Setting the material that uses the STM/UI/Default shader mask mode to "Outside" works!

I deleted the Legacy shaders, but see no notable difference as I am not using any. Turned out the console errors only display after the update, and disappeared after relaunching Unity.

It worked without reimporting the "Shaders" folder. I tried reimporting it too, but no notable difference is seen in my use case.

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I have tried one by one but still no luck:

1. The asset serialization mode is already  "Force Text".

2. Deleting the whole STM folder and re-import it from Asset Store.

3. Re-apply the shaders. Then I found most shaders works, just the STM UI shader doesn't work. Even STM UI Dropshadow and STM UI Outline work.

I also found the 3D STM element works, but not the UI STM element.

By thw way I forgot to mention that, after importing, the console showed many similar errors of " There Surface shader function 'surf' not found at line xx" in many files. I am using Unity 2018.1.4f1. Hope this info. helps...

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Hi, I tried to update STM to the latest version, but got this warning: "File exists in project, but with different guid" on these items:

Under shaders:
The UI folder
The Unlit folder

If I update it anyway the STM text will not show. How may I solve this?

The error is gone when I restarted the project. Thanks.

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Hello, I just started with Super Text Mesh, it looks really cool! But right after importing my editor console shows an exception 3 times:

MissingReferenceException: The variable font of SuperTextMesh doesn't exist anymore.
You probably need to reassign the font variable of the 'SuperTextMesh' script in the inspector.
SuperTextMesh.OnValidate () (at Assets/Clavian/SuperTextMesh/Scripts/SuperTextMesh.cs:1097)

My I asked does it matter?