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I found it especially useful when the different lineBreaks information stored in text and hyphened text are used together :)

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Great, this helps a lot! Thanks.

May I ask is there a way to count the words, line, and words in a line in STM by script?

Hello, may I ask is there a way to make STM show first N characters while hiding the rest?

In my case, all the character has to be in the STM from the beginning, so I cannot use append to add the hidden characters later.

Also as the number "N" changes from frame to frame, I also can't use <delay> or <c> to achieve the effect...

Are there any ways to achieve the desired effect? Thank you for your help.

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Setting the material that uses the STM/UI/Default shader mask mode to "Outside" works!

I deleted the Legacy shaders, but see no notable difference as I am not using any. Turned out the console errors only display after the update, and disappeared after relaunching Unity.

It worked without reimporting the "Shaders" folder. I tried reimporting it too, but no notable difference is seen in my use case.

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I have tried one by one but still no luck:

1. The asset serialization mode is already  "Force Text".

2. Deleting the whole STM folder and re-import it from Asset Store.

3. Re-apply the shaders. Then I found most shaders works, just the STM UI shader doesn't work. Even STM UI Dropshadow and STM UI Outline work.

I also found the 3D STM element works, but not the UI STM element.

By thw way I forgot to mention that, after importing, the console showed many similar errors of " There Surface shader function 'surf' not found at line xx" in many files. I am using Unity 2018.1.4f1. Hope this info. helps...

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Hi, I tried to update STM to the latest version, but got this warning: "File exists in project, but with different guid" on these items:

Under shaders:
The UI folder
The Unlit folder

If I update it anyway the STM text will not show. How may I solve this?

The error is gone when I restarted the project. Thanks.

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Hello, I just started with Super Text Mesh, it looks really cool! But right after importing my editor console shows an exception 3 times:

MissingReferenceException: The variable font of SuperTextMesh doesn't exist anymore.
You probably need to reassign the font variable of the 'SuperTextMesh' script in the inspector.
SuperTextMesh.OnValidate () (at Assets/Clavian/SuperTextMesh/Scripts/SuperTextMesh.cs:1097)

My I asked does it matter?