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A member registered Mar 03, 2017

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Hi! I think I managed to fix this issue myself, a while ago. I just needed to hold Shift while loading up the game and then change graphics acceleration to Force Software Renderer. I guess my PC is lacking a bit in this department and the wrong option was chosen automatically.

Anyways, I finally was able to see the whole text clearly and that made my day! I know your next character is Bahadur, but I am soooooooo super interested in your other three guys. Can you give us a little hint, perhaps? :)

You and your damn cliffhangers xD I can't believe I need to wait a few weeks (most likely) for a new beta *hits my head against the wall* But I gotta admit, you sure know how to create drama :D That last chapter made me completely speechless. I wonder just how much more Neil can put his foot into his mouth? He's like one big walking contradiction.

And oh! I've noticed a small issue - starting from chapter 14, whenever Sarah or Angela say the heroines name, they use the default name and not the one chosen by me. At first I thought it was a small mistake in chapter 14 only, but I also saw it in chapter 18. I do believe it only appears when Sarah or Angela say it (haven't noticed it in Neil).

I do love Neil more than before now (even if he is such an asshole - and I honestly had no idea a guy can be even bigger asshole than before :D ) and I can't wait for your next release of his route *thumbs up*

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Before I start answering questions, I have one of my own - how could you end the beta on a cliffhanger like that?! I almost started screaming when I finished it (and it was 2 AM) xD

Ok, now for answers:

1) I actually didn't notice it at all. It was the middle of the night and my volume was really, really low at that time, but to be honest, I don't really care about sounds in VN's all that much. It's nice when guys make small sounds or talk sometimes, I suppose, but it's not such a big thing.

2) They were very nice and quite original, so yup, I liked them.

3) Haven't played the first beta, but it was nice to know that grandma was a tomboy as well and wasn't mad at me for not wearing this scary frilly pink monster :D

4) It would be nice to see how she looked like, but it's not a big deal, really.

5) I actually have no idea. I played it on and off (doing other things as well in the meantime), so maybe 2 hours?

6) 12 fierce points and 8 kind ones (I did try to be kind to him at the beginning, but he started to piss me off quite fast. And god, how I loved to tease him :D I wish there were more options to do so, haha)

7) I admit, I was fooled at the beginning.

8) After MC ripped the mask off of that purple haired guy, yes, it became quite obvious, haha. But I started to have my suspicions even before that, although I didn't really want to believe that. This black haired man was just too nice!

9) I don't know yet. I will need to look at it some more, it was too brief.

10) I did! It was so cool!

11) I loved them all and my favorite one was the first CG, when he tried to hide behind his laptop! Haha, that was both cute and pathetic.

12) I have no idea, I was staring at Neil, haha.

13) I don't hate him, that's for sure, but I need to see how he will act from now on to say if I like him more. And, if I can be honest, I do hope he won't lose his witty edge completely. I kinda like arguing with him from time to time. It adds spice :P

14) Well duh, of course I do! xD I can't wait for another release, but please warn me if you want to end on another cliffhanger like this - I will play during the day and alone in the house, so I can scream :D

I loved this game sooo much! Even though I couldn't see the dialog box at all (couldn't fix it either, sadly), so some text was pretty much invisible to me, I still enjoyed the story. It was amazing how their relationship developped along the road. I pretty much acted as if I would in real life and got Ran's sweet ending. I am NOT going for the bitter end though, I think that would just destroy me xD I'm especially amazed at how you handled sex scenes. You were vague, but it was still easy to figure out what they were doing. Plus, you left a lot to our imagination and that was great. I can't wait for your other routes, although I think Ran will remain my favorite forever. I'm a sucker for guys with his personality, white/black hair and red eyes (oh, those red eyes *swoons*) :D

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I have to admit that the first thing that made me try this demo was the graphics. Your pictures and characters are so beautiful! And your characters seem to have their own unique personalities, so that's another big plus as well. I especially loved the relationship between the girl and the hunter - I laughed so hard. The story also seems interesting, even though I've already heard about similar topic somewhere else. I kinda hope there will be drama in certain routes (or maybe in all routes even) as well, since she is a vampire and all. I like the comedic aspect, of course, but a little drama never hurt anyone yet.

That being said, unfortunately, I've encountered a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. I'm not sure if I should put them here, but I s'ppose I will mention a few in this feedback:

"Remember the time when we were always and you were very hungry?" - it seems you forgot something here.

"No human was harm thankfully." - should be 'harmed'

"If you have been listened to me like you claimed, then you won't have any troubles understand it." - I think it should be 'listening', 'wouldn't' and 'understanding it'

"Like when you trick me into accepting your proposal?" - 'tricked'

"How long did I faint." - it would be better to change it to 'how long was I out?' or something similar, because the way it is now it suggests that Saleana was fainting for a long time rather than doing it quickly.

And small things, like it should be 'who cares' instead of 'who care', 'who knows' instead of 'who know', 'boil' instead of 'boiled' etc. And there was a sentence with 'always' at the beginning - I think you should put it at the end of the sentence and change it accordingly, of course.

All in all, I already love your game and cannot wait for your final release. I will definitely wait for it and for your updates to this demo as well, if you're planning on doing so.