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You and your damn cliffhangers xD I can't believe I need to wait a few weeks (most likely) for a new beta *hits my head against the wall* But I gotta admit, you sure know how to create drama :D That last chapter made me completely speechless. I wonder just how much more Neil can put his foot into his mouth? He's like one big walking contradiction.

And oh! I've noticed a small issue - starting from chapter 14, whenever Sarah or Angela say the heroines name, they use the default name and not the one chosen by me. At first I thought it was a small mistake in chapter 14 only, but I also saw it in chapter 18. I do believe it only appears when Sarah or Angela say it (haven't noticed it in Neil).

I do love Neil more than before now (even if he is such an asshole - and I honestly had no idea a guy can be even bigger asshole than before :D ) and I can't wait for your next release of his route *thumbs up*