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Ah I am so gutted I forgot to join FFS 2019, I will be sure to join next year - nice little game, high quality as usual!

This was pretty fun and well polished!

Thanks for the feedback!

The idea was that YSpace, the company, use room-changing technology, which creates solid holograms - that warp the room around you.  I did mention this in the dialogue boxes in Level 3, I believe, but I'm not sure whether that was clear. 

Thank you once again!

Thank you!  Originally, I was going to add a force, but the unity controller, which is the one I felt fit the game best, uses a kinematic (if I spelt that right) rigidbody, meaning I had to use transform.translate.  I will try what you suggested in future updates however.

Thanks for the feedback!

This is actually rather fun!  I really enjoyed the core gameplay but I would like it if the shooting mechanic was a bit better, other than that - awesome game !

Thank you!  I am planning to extend the campaign of this game, making the campaign more of an hour long thing (hopefully) in the near future.

I am very glad you liked it!

That is very cool!  Thanks for featuring the game :)

I'm not quite sure tbf

Just wondering...

Hello!   Thanks for the feedback!  I have added your checkpoint suggestion and fixed the controls in the latest update!

Probably the best comment I have ever got,  thank you!  I will try and add those improvements when the jam is over.

Great  :)

ReedingameCrate is a small project I have been working on over the past day or so.    It is where the player opens a lootbox and finds out what lies inside.     Lying inside is anything from a lazily re-used Sloth to a dancing bunny.

Currently there are 3 items lying inside,  but I plan to add more in the near future!

I really hope you enjoy the project.    Please give me suggestions or let me know what you think!

Image taken by a player:  ItzMeSloth


-Tom Bear


This game was a load of fun!

This was great!

Thanks for the feedback!  I will definitely try and give your solution to the problem a try!  I apologise for the controls XD

how did that happen  XD. I apologise for that.  I've not quite come across that before.

Thanks for the feedback! I am going to fix the bug very soon with the left and right arrow keys.  Sorry for that,  for now I hope you can adapt.  I chose to keep the speed on and off the track because the user is not meant to follow the track all that much.  Every corner you can you can cut is designed for you to do that. 

Thanks for your feedback once more and I apologise for the bug.

I greatly apologise for the controls,  they are the defaults for the control method I used.  I am going to try to fix them after the jam,  I hope you can adapt to them while you await the update!

More people have come to me with your issue.  I apologise for this, it seems to be the control method that I used.  I hope that you can adapt to the controls.  I will try and release a bug fix after the jam.

Hi, I am very sorry for the controls, it seems to be the default for the control method I used.  I hope that you can adapt to the controls after a while.  Also, if the game lets you do it, it is completely fair.

Thanks for playing and I am so sorry for the controls,  I will try and fix them after the jam.

My best is 719 but the lowest possible score varies on computer...  I am not aware of your bug, it seemed fine in testing, maybe you have the controls mixed up? I don't know, thanks for playing!

This is amazing :)

Track Day community · Created a new topic High Scores!

Post a video of your high scores here, or just a screenshot of it!

Hello!  We wanted to just make it clear that the game was made in 4 hours, due to YouTube not alerting me about the jam.  Thanks for the feedback!

Hello!  I am sorry to hear that you have found a bug.  We value your feedback!  Is there any possibility that you can post a screenshot of your issue?  Thanks!

EDIT:  I just read the FAQ, sorry

I have an idea for a game that I've been meaning to make since I started game development.  It hasn't been worked on passed idea status, can I finally work on it now?



Thanks for the feedback! I am going to be adding another update once the jam has finished to add the Polish that I wasn't able to ;)

Thanks for the feedback. I'm planning to release a new update after the jam finishes - to add the polish that I wasn't able to add in this jam.

Thanks :) I will be sure to check out your game!