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This was really really cool! I knew as soon as the limitation was announced there'd be games that go in this direction, and you did it really really well! I got a score of 2100, I couldn't tell if the jack of diamonds did anything, and I never got use the other jack.

but regradless, this is one of the coolest games from this jam!

That was really cool! I so did not think of using windows like this at all, and the arcade style is great! If there was a little countdown that gave me time to read the quip at the top and get an idea of what to do that'd help. When I got to level two I thought it was trying to explain a new mechanic, but I didn't have time to read it. Sick game though, I think I got to round 3 or 4 before shooting a cluster of people thinking there was a vampire in there.

I loved this, really cute and funny. Wish I thought to use the window mechanic like this too 😅


I've worked with scratch before and I know how hard and buggy it can be, that's so cool to see how much effort you put into this, I can see there's a whole lot of love in the enemies and the ending. It took me a couple of tries but I beat it, that was really fun <3

That was really hype! The idea was really funny and cool, and it felt both funny and cool at the same time. I can tell there's loads of little details that went into the game, I just wish I could've lived long enough to kill more then 5 people tho 😅 Awesome idea, great execution in the jam's time limit!

Loved it. Seeing each new enemy and they're projectile was fun and cool, and you paced it really nicely so I could see a bunch of them, but not all at once. The mechanic was unique and interesting but also easy to pick up and get the hang of. Having enemies hit each other really made the difficulty seem more fair. I thought this was really cool

I really loved this. Wasn't hard to pick up the concept, the hands were pretty cute and really useful, and the description really egged me on to try and beat it. Sadly I do not have dedication tho :(

After trying for reals, I tried twice to do the trick where you just stick to one wall of each side of the maze, once for the left side and once to the right, but must have strayed each time because I ended up looping around a middle wall. This is really hard, but I love it

That was a really cool use of the limitation!!

I took a while to realise the mouse position controlled the direction they faced, and once I did I figured out I could just hide in the corner and let everyone come to me. It feels really cool to play without cheesing it though, and the ending jingle is cute too!

That was really cool! I love the feedback, very punchy. Took me a while to realise I was only supposed to click on the person, I got just over 400 points

Lmao, dab for daddy. Interesting jam btw, i likes

lmao, i love it <3 i also loved shooting all the people in the background lol

I was thinking of something that happened to me recently but ended up scaling back because game jams are short and also christmas left me tired. I landed on something vaguely to do with loneliness and the impracticality of forcing/controlling fate. But ultimately it's just a funny little silly game lol.

The lightning is like a card effect, the deck at the start is where u get the cards from. Still doesn't make sense I know, and it's the only question I can answer for you lol. Thank you so much for persevering with the game despite how incomplete it is, will try and not let it happen again haha

yeah hey, needs it badly. Thank you for enjoying anyway <3

omg u made my day, thank u!

cheers, I like it too!

hehe yeah, thanks (btw my teeth don't look that bad it's just a bad photo)

ikr, i think it's good too

hahaha, cool to hear it got you thinking!

my anti virus software stopped it from running :(

I'm not going to rate it or anything because of that but yeah. The thumbnails look cool but, i'm sure it's a cool game.

Very edgy, very nice, thanks kanye

oh u made me fard my pants :(


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yo that was actually so cool i love this

Cheers!! Yeah there isn't one lol

haha, understandable! Thanks for playing!

woah this actually had me really sad playing it, the ending kinda came out of the blue but the text at the end kinda saved it haha

Pretty funny concept, managed to escape right in front of the top blob here hahaha

Some really cool quality of life stuff going on here! Like the spacebar to accelerate the intro, pizzas warping up to the score, speed indicator, pretty cool! The controls are tight too, nice and exciting!

This is pretty interesting, like the back the forth with the characters, it's kinda funny!

I was expecting pieces to get moved with gravity when I rotated, but using the player as a tool to switch pieces was really cool.

Cheers! I love writing dumb dialogue haha

I was totally thinking of pushing it in a stealth direction when I made that dashing enemy, cool to hear some of that showed in the final project!

haha thanks yo! Wasn't sure if anyone was actually going to bother getting the secret ending, thank you!!

Really Unique game! Especially for a game jam!

I don't know if I really understood it, took me a couple of tries but I killed one person randomly cause they didn't say anything and I thought they looked sussy, and then a couple people said the same person so I just killed her. I changed to sanders when I started that try and never changed again.

Feels like there's more going on under the hood, but I accidentally kill villagers and get arrested when the bugs attack villagers :(

Sick game but! get it, cause there's two... sick people... haha

The idea is pretty interesting, I like it.

Bullets are more useful when they are closer because you have more time to aim/re-aim them, so a slower bullets upgrade could've been nice. A 'universal bullets stay closer' upgrade would've been a cool way to let players specialize in a stat too, idk

I like it, the final boss was kind of a surprise, made me go 'oh yeah, that was from the thumbnail!'. Cool game!

This is really cool! Very easy to totally neglect mining and just go broke, keeps the pressure up (I totally didn't die to this immediately the first time i played lol).

The immortal bug really sucks, but I saw the in another comment that you fixed it so that's pretty cool. Great sfx, music, animations, just overall polish. I love this! Got to year 2139

Wow, You managed to turn a tower defence game into a really interesting action game with one mechanic! I Liked this a lot!!

I thought it was pretty unforgiving how easy it is to miss enemies when when the beam is so narrow, but then I realized I could just put my towers in straight lines and the game is endless anyway so I have to die at some point.

Really cool game! I survived 12 waves

Cheers! Thanks for playing the game

That was intense! I love it

Took me a bit to realise there was more to it than just rotating blocks (I even thought i was the pink ball and I had to move it using gravity lol) but once I read the controls in the description and realized what was going on i was hooked.

At first I was mostly using the digging to get places, but once i got a couple levels in that stopped working and I actually had to engage with the mechanics, which was great because by then I had the controls down. I got to up to level 5 btw

This was cool! Great atmosphere, nice variety of weapons, and a really cool take on the theme! The constant barrel rolling is pretty funny too lol. I felt like the game starts off super slow, takes a bit of upgrades for the wheel spinning mechanic to be fun. The sniper rifle kinda stinks too, shoots real slow for how inaccurate the aiming is.

Otherwise really cool game, I could totally see this being a full game with some polish and extra content (new enemies & levels might be enough). I got to 200 seconds the first time, and could've probably gone infinite the second time, just stopped at 600 but.

Cheers! I actually started working on that cool guy intro vibe first and then remembered that's really silly that I'm working on that first haha, switched gears to the core gameplay pretty quickly after that. Learned that lesson the hard way on previous jams lol

haha thanks! The music is all public domain, i've linked them on the game's page, check em out if you ever want to use them in your games