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Reece Bar

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Why are they round sphere meme burds?

Gr8! Now everyone can play without trouble.

Ayo just wanna check up if this mod is still a thing, can you post updates on your progress so we can know if this mod is being continued?

That sucks, it looked like a good game, will you do the same with your upcomming games? Like, abandon them to do another game, and so on?

Heya, any news on the keyboard and mouse controls? Or is this dead?

Well, when the keyboard and mouse update will be release, I would love to play it. Since its controller only, is this on consoles?

I don't have one, this is a pc game, it should have pc controls, a controller should be an option, not a requirement.

When I launched it, the mouse disappeared and I tried everything like the arrow keys, wasd, enter, ect. Nothing. it seems theirs a bug in the current version that makes it unplayable, I can't get past the menu.

Heya, Im a (somewhat) developer and would like to know what did you use to create your models, if its blender than can you tell me any good tutorials for it?

So, why not exactly have it here & on gamejolt? I feel like you still have control over your files, such as updating and or removing them like you, and also why not have in big text near the beginning that it is not going to be available for itchio or gamejolt? Would solve some confusing, and why not spread out your games to here, gamejolt and steam? I don't get why your having it for your site only, instead of spreading it to popular sites like this and gamejolt. Sure, it may be easier for you to control your files, but your spreading yourself thin, no offense. Just some of my thoughts on your reply.

Thanks, Ive gotten the game finally, but it would be great if you fixed the problem here rather than having it only available via your website

Just tried the website version, similar issue occured I think you forgot to upload the game here is what is says on the website version "Nothing is available for download yet."

Here is EXACTLY what the error says 

"No compatible downloads were found for 'Bladequest - The First Chapter', so it wasn't installed.

Maybe it's not compatible with your platform or with the itch app yet!" btw the app is for pc.

Well I am using the Itchio app and when I click install it says that their is no compatible downloads, is this available to windows or does it just not work with the itchio app?

So, will you post an update saying its on steam when it happens?

Can't download, add itchio app compatibility please. Its just much easier to use and auto updates the games aswell. Would be much convenient if you add that.

Heya, is this the same as the gamejolt version?

Sure, and you say you won't charge aslong as it meets out expectations, but if it dips below will it cost money then? Jk, can't wait for chapter 2! Any release date or an assumtion of one?

Will 2nd chapter cost money?

How much will this game be on steam?

Alright, but how long will it be until you'd be happy releasing this? This month, next month, ect.

So, when will this mod be released and why upload here and not MTS?

Well, what steam replaced greenlighting with seems a lot better, allowing all kinds of games to be added, if anything it will be added sooner, right?

Its not a white window, the screen pops up. I dunno what my computer's specs are, but its a decent gaming computer. I also dunno where the log thing is. 

When I launched the game, its just at the LUAEK Studios screen and nothing at all happens, game is current bugged/broken it seems/ Please help/fix/

Heya, when will this game be fully realeased? Are you still their? Comments below are from over 200 days, why?

Omg it got greenlit? Thats awesome, when is the steam release date? I can't wait!

Whats with all these comments being over 90 days old? Does it not show the most recent ones? Is this game alive still?

Yeah, but Nintendo will shut this down. It shutdown the pokemon minecraft mod, and this game is much more than a mod for mc...

Great it was tooken down then, so you only upload on

Why was it tooken down from Gamejolt?

Ok, will this game be on steam? Also will it be out this year? Just wondering :P

I was just wondering :P

Hey, is this game still being updated? Can you add first person? I heard it was third person only and I would love for a first person option like in fallout, skyrim, ect.

Can you greenlight this game on steam? I would love to see your game their.

Is this game highly inspired by TABS?

Omg a new update! Also can you at this game to steam? Also this game would be a great multiplayer game too if that was an option, if your not going to add multiplayer plz tell me.