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Reece Bar

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Its not a white window, the screen pops up. I dunno what my computer's specs are, but its a decent gaming computer. I also dunno where the log thing is. 

Created a new topic Game bug never starts game

When I launched the game, its just at the LUAEK Studios screen and nothing at all happens, game is current bugged/broken it seems/ Please help/fix/

Heya, when will this game be fully realeased? Are you still their? Comments below are from over 200 days, why?

Replied to Yosuru in Survius comments

Omg it got greenlit? Thats awesome, when is the steam release date? I can't wait!

Whats with all these comments being over 90 days old? Does it not show the most recent ones? Is this game alive still?

Yeah, but Nintendo will shut this down. It shutdown the pokemon minecraft mod, and this game is much more than a mod for mc...

Replied to chaozz in Survius comments

Great it was tooken down then, so you only upload on itch.io?

Why was it tooken down from Gamejolt?

Replied to chaozz in Survius comments

Ok, will this game be on steam? Also will it be out this year? Just wondering :P

I was just wondering :P

Hey, is this game still being updated? Can you add first person? I heard it was third person only and I would love for a first person option like in fallout, skyrim, ect.

Can you greenlight this game on steam? I would love to see your game their.

Is this game highly inspired by TABS?

Omg a new update! Also can you at this game to steam? Also this game would be a great multiplayer game too if that was an option, if your not going to add multiplayer plz tell me.