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When I launched it, the mouse disappeared and I tried everything like the arrow keys, wasd, enter, ect. Nothing. it seems theirs a bug in the current version that makes it unplayable, I can't get past the menu.

Use a controller

I don't have one, this is a pc game, it should have pc controls, a controller should be an option, not a requirement.

It's sad to hear you were not able to play the game. This game has been made as a assignment for our education, and one of the requirements was to have it controler only. we are working on making it work with keyboard and mouse. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Well, when the keyboard and mouse update will be release, I would love to play it. Since its controller only, is this on consoles?

Sorry for the late reply, if your still interested in the game, we now have keyboard controls: "WASD/Arrow keys" for movement, "X" for interacting "Enter" for in the menu.

The Office hustle apologies of the delay

-Office hustle team

Gr8! Now everyone can play without trouble.