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Sure, and you say you won't charge aslong as it meets out expectations, but if it dips below will it cost money then? Jk, can't wait for chapter 2! Any release date or an assumtion of one?

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Ah sorry, I guess my message was misleading. With "for as long as it meets your and my expectations" I meant the final game. Bladequest: Chapter Two is 100% free, as The First Chapter was. These chapters are a series of games helping me gathering feedback, they don't reflect the concept and scope of the final game. And the final game will only be released when it meets your and my expectations and then will cost money :). I have to work on the description a little bit that it gets clear what the idea is. Some could think is kind of an episode game but its not...

I already started working on Chapter Two, but still have some work to do with Chapter One (website, maintaining etc.). The First Chapter took about 6 months, Chapter Two may take less time as I already have a lot of stuff. But in the end its hard to tell.

You can follow the DevTalk series on my youtube channel if you want to follow the development.