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Hey, it's funny~

8/10 Just need a little improvements ^^ but still good work~

Wait... six?!

Looks fun and have a lot of potential. It's great~

Nice, but I can't donate in Patreon XD I have not credit card :/

It's a good demo, very short compared with other demos, I like the characters design and the story based in elections, this game have potential and a shine future. I'll watching for updates ^^ 

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I was waiting this so much <3  I'm very thankful for your work on december with christmas and new year so close. Nice Job~
"Added three more ingame days!"

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Sounds pretty good, I like the "Big Update each Month" and now I super Hyped for your new project ^^

Yas~ I was waiting for this <3

I have a question, have you planned an aproximation of the duration of the final version or you want expand the history all you can?

Again, sorry for my English if I write something weird or bad~

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Hey, I was see your patreon and I'm interested in your 2 projects, but for the Patreon's polite I can't support you (Paypal ask me for a credit card and I have not one) so...  there's another way for support you?

If my English is weird sorry, I speak Spanish and I have a limited English.

Oh~ I can see a great future for this game. I'll watch for updates

Hey, it's a very good game. I'll watch for updates~

A lot of new content... Fantastic uwu

WOW this game is so good. I can't wait for more, the design, art, music and mini-games are marvelous. You have an epic project in your hands.

It's a nice start, you have a "rough gem" here... bad joke, I know. I want more of this game~

This game have a shining future, I can't wait for new content.

For the first experience you did it really good. Keep doing games, I want see a large project of your hand <3

Interesting proposal, it's not original, but it's interesting and that is really important in a game. With a good history and deep characters you can create a fantastic experience.
I expect much over this game.

I want pay for it but I can't, Patreon ask me for a credit card, Paypal option need a credit card too, I have money in Paypal but Patreon's politic don't accept use, Sorry.

Hohoho a nice demo, the best I have played in a long time.
I can see a shining future for this game, i'll wait for a character evolution and a interesting story.
I can't wait for the alpha/beta of this game >u<

Sorry for my English btw xD

I can see potential in this game, the story start with a little cliche, but the important thing is how it evolve, I have played a lot of game, most of this are visual novels and I like a interesting and deep characters with a growth or change in the story.
I want see more of your game :D

Sorry for my English btw XD

My little heart is broken u.u

I can't support you in patreon, I need a credit card for pay in patreon, Paypal on patreon ask me the same.
Have You other way for pay? On Ko-fi, I don´t need a credit card btw.

This have a shining future, I can fell it~

I have played a lot of game in this page, but this attract me so much. Always are the same, sex, sex, sex but 0 plot, is better a nice history with "Sweet Moments" than lots of sex without a reason.
You have a cool history over mafia and that caught me. Continue with your nice work.

I don't speak english... sorry? xD