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Very good early version, this can be amazing with enough work~

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This is a great game and have future, but I'm worried because all MonsterGirl Games are abanoned soon (There are exception).

I want play more of your game, so don't leave it.

Voy a escribirlo en mi idioma por comodidad, perdón.

Me gusta mucho que cada personaje tenga su árbol de habilidades personal, pero hay unas cuantas cosas que molestan.

1.- Cada personaje debería tener sus puntos de habilidad personales, así eliminas la tarea de tener que redistribuir los puntos a cada rato cuando cambias de miembros, que las piedras de habilidad den un punto a todos y para aminorar la cantidad de puntos, que se ganen 1 cada X niveles.

2.- Por comodidad, me gustaría una pagina de habilidades generales, para aumentar la agilidad, suerte, defensa, etc. en vez de que estén revueltas entre las paginas de personajes, solo para tener un poco de orden. O implementarlas todas en la pagina de Ryen.

Eso es todo lo que me pareció "malo" del nuevo árbol de habilidades.

All humans?
It's a very good list, but I think need a variation of species like, Troll, Elf, Undead, Dwarf, Werewolf (Or any anthro), you know. It's just a suggestion. 

Hey, it's funny~

8/10 Just need a little improvements ^^ but still good work~

Wait... six?!

Looks fun and have a lot of potential. It's great~

Nice, but I can't donate in Patreon XD I have not credit card :/

It's a good demo, very short compared with other demos, I like the characters design and the story based in elections, this game have potential and a shine future. I'll watching for updates ^^ 

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I was waiting this so much <3  I'm very thankful for your work on december with christmas and new year so close. Nice Job~
"Added three more ingame days!"

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Sounds pretty good, I like the "Big Update each Month" and now I super Hyped for your new project ^^

Yas~ I was waiting for this <3

I have a question, have you planned an aproximation of the duration of the final version or you want expand the history all you can?

Again, sorry for my English if I write something weird or bad~

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Hey, I was see your patreon and I'm interested in your 2 projects, but for the Patreon's polite I can't support you (Paypal ask me for a credit card and I have not one) so...  there's another way for support you?

If my English is weird sorry, I speak Spanish and I have a limited English.

Oh~ I can see a great future for this game. I'll watch for updates

Hey, it's a very good game. I'll watch for updates~

A lot of new content... Fantastic uwu

WOW this game is so good. I can't wait for more, the design, art, music and mini-games are marvelous. You have an epic project in your hands.

It's a nice start, you have a "rough gem" here... bad joke, I know. I want more of this game~

This game have a shining future, I can't wait for new content.

For the first experience you did it really good. Keep doing games, I want see a large project of your hand <3

Interesting proposal, it's not original, but it's interesting and that is really important in a game. With a good history and deep characters you can create a fantastic experience.
I expect much over this game.

I want pay for it but I can't, Patreon ask me for a credit card, Paypal option need a credit card too, I have money in Paypal but Patreon's politic don't accept use, Sorry.

Hohoho a nice demo, the best I have played in a long time.
I can see a shining future for this game, i'll wait for a character evolution and a interesting story.
I can't wait for the alpha/beta of this game >u<

Sorry for my English btw xD

I can see potential in this game, the story start with a little cliche, but the important thing is how it evolve, I have played a lot of game, most of this are visual novels and I like a interesting and deep characters with a growth or change in the story.
I want see more of your game :D

Sorry for my English btw XD

My little heart is broken u.u

I can't support you in patreon, I need a credit card for pay in patreon, Paypal on patreon ask me the same.
Have You other way for pay? On Ko-fi, I don´t need a credit card btw.

This have a shining future, I can fell it~

I have played a lot of game in this page, but this attract me so much. Always are the same, sex, sex, sex but 0 plot, is better a nice history with "Sweet Moments" than lots of sex without a reason.
You have a cool history over mafia and that caught me. Continue with your nice work.

I don't speak english... sorry? xD