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I have played a lot of game in this page, but this attract me so much. Always are the same, sex, sex, sex but 0 plot, is better a nice history with "Sweet Moments" than lots of sex without a reason.
You have a cool history over mafia and that caught me. Continue with your nice work.

I don't speak english... sorry? xD

Thank you for your kind comment and your english is fine :D

I can't support you in patreon, I need a credit card for pay in patreon, Paypal on patreon ask me the same.
Have You other way for pay? On Ko-fi, I don´t need a credit card btw.

Unfortunately no. I only have patreon page. It's because paypal is banned in my country, I don't have any other choice than patreon.

My little heart is broken u.u

Brother, your game is incredible I love it, when are you going to get a new update?