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Yas~ I was waiting for this <3

I have a question, have you planned an aproximation of the duration of the final version or you want expand the history all you can?

Again, sorry for my English if I write something weird or bad~


Hey there!

I have a vague idea how the game will end but this will still take some time. At the moment I stick to my "one big update each month" plan and try to spin the story further that way. I have some stuff for the far future planned ( marriage, pregnancy etc ). This will all be optional but is something I have in my mind. I'll also start developing a second game in 2020 that will tell a different story, depending on how much time I have of course. But My New Family will always be my main priority!

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Sounds pretty good, I like the "Big Update each Month" and now I super Hyped for your new project ^^