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Hopefully by the end of this month. I reached my goal on Patreon so I will implement six days this time!

The public release is on the 30th so four more days ^^

Hey there!

Version 0.5 ( the next update ) should come out in ~2 weeks. A bit less maybe, depending on how much I manage to get done. End of this month is my roughest estimate.

You scared me there for a second haha. I'm working on 0.5 at the moment and putting as much of my time into it as I can. So expect the release at the end of this month!

Thank you for your kind words my dude <3 means a lot!

Hey there!

I have a vague idea how the game will end but this will still take some time. At the moment I stick to my "one big update each month" plan and try to spin the story further that way. I have some stuff for the far future planned ( marriage, pregnancy etc ). This will all be optional but is something I have in my mind. I'll also start developing a second game in 2020 that will tell a different story, depending on how much time I have of course. But My New Family will always be my main priority!

Hey there!

Thank you for your feedback! I'm glad you liked the game so far.

0.5 Should be out by the end of december, I will give an exact date once I'm closer to finishing it. It will 100% be december though!

Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me and I can assure you developing will continue at a high pace!

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Fixed version is uploaded!

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That's a bug on my side, I fixed it and will upload the fixed version here in a bit, was an error on my part with the dialogue tabbing if you don't have enough lovepoints with Lucy.

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0.4 started development last week so I would say end of november is my targetted release date. Usually I try to release one major update each month. 0.4 will be a lot bigger than 0.3 though thanks to my patrons being amazing! Take the last day of 0.3 as an example of how long the three days of 0.4 are going to be! ( I mean each day will be as long as the last day of 0.3 )

Thank you! That means a lot!

Hey there!

I agree, the first day in the game has some weird perspective issues, I'm going to fix those over time. I think starting from day 3 it becomes a lot better but I'll try constantly to improve! 

Thank you so much for your feedback!