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That is going to be the plan most likely :D

Sure, I can unban you. It's just the normal thing me/my mods do when someone posts scam links, we instantly ban that person.

She will get a lot of content in 0.21 :).

Weiß ja nicht ob das so gut wäre... :D

Sorry to hear that, hopefully you find other games you enjoy more :).

Your account got hacked, I guess? Because you posted a spam link and got banned for it.

Of course there will be a choice but there are no bad consequences if you go for both, you will only miss out on content if you don't go for one of them :D and maybe, will see how this unfolds in the story.

You can pick both actually, Sabrina and Lena, you don't have to decide :).

I post public updates on patreon and here for My New Family, sadly I can't put the game on steam because of licensing issues ( I use something called Honey Select to make the renders for MNF, which is a game made by Illusion ).

That is the plan :)

I haven't fully deicded on that one yet but I will probably give you guys beta access there like I do with Sarah patrons, so after the Sabrina and higher tiers get the second beta you will get the first one on steam :).

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It was a jab at people that constantly said there are lesbian encounters in the game, which there aren't. Nothing against lesbians or anything, but some people were very vocal to complain about the girls wanting to make each other feel good , especially the "Alice touching Sandy" thing. So you probably got a wrong impression there, there is no lesbian hate or anything in the game.

The game is not available on patreon.

It has some "darker" elements but overall it's still very wholesome I would say. It has 100% no bad endings and will always leave you with a good feeling, though.

You mean Chapter 1. Will have a better estimate once the first beta is out :).

Ich mein, im Grunde hab ich nichts gegen fan mods oder sowas, die kann ich eh nicht verhindern. Aber das dann zu veröffentlichen auf fände ich etwas seltsam...

Hm, ich weiß nicht ob das so ne gute Idee wäre, der aspekt des verbotenen mit dem lewden gehört ja schon irgendwie dazu finde ich... ^^

Will be included in the first update. Steam version already has it since updating that one is easier :).

It depends on your android version. Usually, your savegames are stored outside the game folder on android, so even when you delete the app, you should keep your saves.

However, since you tried to install 0.19 while 0.14 was still installed, you might have corrupted your savegames. There is a savegame with the full harem from the end of 0.14 on my discord if you want to grab that. If you are on Android 11 you have to do some extra steps though, since Android 11 fucks with file permissions.

This sounds like a antivirus issue maybe, that the game gets blocked? There shouldn't be an error when unpacking

That sounds more like a problem on your end my dude, all versions work perfectly fine here. I would advise to try a redownload and put the game in an extra folder once you unpacked it :)!

But there is no roaming in the game ^^

You can have sex with Morgan when she is trans, but the sex will be different. Sophie will be lewdable as well, Olivia will probably not be lewdable.

I can't tell yet, I will update you guys once I get closer to finishing the first ingame day. I took things very slow after the release because I have been pushing hard to get the first release out :).

Dr. Rosenberg will be lewdable, yes. But don't you dare call her hotter than Anna :(.

Yes, Morgan is going to be lewdable in the future!

I'm still actively working on it, yes. Next update should be available in a little more than 3 weeks.

Danke für die netten worte :) Die betas sind genauso geplant wie für My New Family ^^ Danke auch für den support!

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I don't know what to tell you man, the stuff you point out isn't really something that is bothering me. Sandra and Alice making each other feel good for example doesn't change anything regarding Sandra being exclusive to MC. Same goes for having a threesome with her and alice while she licks Alice. I'm not going to change that because I'm writing this story how I like, if you are too bothered by that then maybe a different game is better for you. Or, even better, you should try making your own game with the stuff only you prefer! :)

as a tl;dr: I'm not going to change anything since it is my game my dude, I read your criticism but the stuff you suggest is not on my mind :).

Also, to reiterate on the Sandra thing: If you are taking the stuff the girls do with each other as "not being exclusive" then you should work on your insecurity. It is a harem where everyone loves each other and the girls only interact on a sexual level when MC is around ( also known as threesomes ).

"Not working" is not really a good description of the error you are getting, I need a bit more infos. What is not working? The download for 0.14 ? What version are you trying to download? If you downloaded 0.14 then you can just select "New game" and start ^^.

It's usually the phone blocking .apk downloads for "safety". If it still doesn't work you could try using the mega links on my discord, they should work if you give the app permissions.

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Well, the game is not supposed to end at chapter 7. Make sure you extract it into a new folder as well, never overwrite stuff!

Are you using a walkthrough mod by any chance? That might be outdated.

Download 0.14 and play this first :).

I will add a tier like that starting in July :) Thank you for the kind words!

Well, he was about to lose it but thanks to Anna, he stays clear in his head, more or less. 

Hey, da bin ich mir noch nicht ganz sicher... Das ist halt schon extrem viel Text. Ich glaub 0.14 alleine hat über 350.000 Wörter ^^... Vielleicht wenns fertig ist.

Anna will not die, if that is what you wanted to know.

The doctor is holding off the identity of one woman, so I think it makes sense. Something that the MC won't like later on and will comment on as well.

The steam version will get some extra stuff, yes :).