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A cooking game like no other!
Man a restaurant alone in deep-space, catering to the needs of hangry aliens flying past. 
Keep your head on your shoulders and an eye on the time, or this business might just eat you up. 

This comment alone makes the whole weeks work worth it! Thank you. Somehow we did manage to do all of that from scratch within a week, let’s just say it’s not our first rodeo! (Apart from the Horn sound, that was a free sample.)

Glad you had fun! Thanks you for playing. 

Glad you had fun, thanks for the feedback! I’m very happy to hear someone made it far enough to discover the tank enemies, I was worried I buried them too far in. 

I'm very glad you enjoyed it, thanks for your comment. It seems like that was our main issue and it's something I'll bear in mind in future. Also we forgot to factor in cats with no boundaries interfering with the game, so sorry about that. I'll add a cat-friendly mode soon. 

Thanks so much! Yes I can understand that, sometimes the enemies do go off screen when they are still dangerously close to you. Something i wish I'd picked up on earlier. 

Thanks for your feedback! haha its the little things in life. 

This is a really clever puzzle game. I found it quite challenging to tell the truth, but that will depend on the player. The music was great too, and the challenge of the puzzles made completing them very satisfying. 

This is a great little puzzle game. I thought the use of coloured tiles and numbered blocks was clever, and the different powers added layers to the puzzle solving. 

The music and sound design was great too, very nostalgic. 

Thank you so much! We're very glad you enjoyed playing. You're not the only one that found it a bit challenging to start, but I'm glad people pushed through that to experience the game in full. 

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you managed to overcome the initial challenge. You are so right, a minimap would be great. We did have plans for one, but unfortunately had to cut that towards the end of the project. We hope the directional indicators are enough to prevent the player from feeling lost. 

Hi! I provided both addresses a few days ago, do you need them again? 

beautiful art and a wonderful atmosphere. 

for sure! With some more time (and maybe a sound designer) that would really complete the game. I can understand that - we felt at the time that part of the challenge was learning the supermarket slowly over each run, but a map would be convenient. 
Thanks for the feedback. 

thanks for the feedback! Yeah the controls With the mouse and the trolley can be a bit frustrating, especially when you mix in physics bugs. Glad you enjoyed though. I’m curious, did you manage to get all items in a run?