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no wayy!!!! thats so evil!!!!

this looks amazing - also, will do XD


I don't really know how you could improve it, but as of right now the thumbnail isn't too eye catching (in my opinion)

I'm not saying it's a bad game at all, I enjoyed it a lot and gave it 5 stars :)

I didn't think it would be that fun from the thumbnail, but I was surprised! It was a fun game and the concept of one bullet was executed very well! The escalating difficulty was steep but I enjoyed it :)

Also, here's our game - you can only move boxes in ONE direction!

I think the way you designed the game and used to game mechanics to support the theme of loneliness is really clever!

props to you guys for taking the criticism - its nice to see a humble game dev not insulting their players and improving :)

Here's our game! You can only move boxes in ONE direction! You can only move boxes in 1 direction in this puzzle game - we made this game using pygame :) 

Share yours below if you used python to make your games! We would love to see!

i'd like to try doing bad art of your game too!

I love this game a lot! It was very fun and unique - whilst sticking to the theme!

The visuals were great.

My only complaint would be that the ghosts are too slow, and there is no music.

Despite that, this game was very well made with a lot of content given that you guys had 48 hours to make it. Well done!

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The design was really good! I was really impressed with the intuitive tutorial!

I'll be completely honest, I didn't expect much  from the looks, but the concept and gameplay was good. It was a fun experience, and I was surprised!

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I genuinely had fun playing this game - and it matches perfectly to the theme!

I only thing I can complain about is that I wish there were walls and a levels to navigate -  but the game is VERY well made for a game made in 48 hours. You're very talented - the game feels great to play :D

same here XD

It was fun!  (and spooky)

The best game in the jam i've seen so far!

The one baseball mechanic was cool.  Sometimes the game would crash but that's expected for a game made in 48 hours. I had fun!