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Cute game!

Congrats on top 10, very well deserved.

Tutorial is really good, and impressive considering it was done in a 48 hour game jam. Because of that, learning the game was really simple as a player.The action gameplay is really fun (as usual!) - my only complaint in this regard is that there's little variety in challenges or increase in difficulty, but the game is short so that isn't a problem. Additionally, in terms of use of the theme, I feel like it could have somehow been executed on a gameplay level instead of thematically (though we basically did the same thing on our submission lol) Props to Xilurus on the art, I think this game will easily be one of the highest ranking in terms of presentation.

Overall, really really solid submission - very excited to see where this will rank! Good job :)

The art and characters were extremely cute and appealing, on top of that everything is really polished. Really solid submission for just 48 hours. Would love to see this turned into a full game!

Nice use of the theme. Pacing could be improved a little, but overall good game!

Really fun game and well executed puzzles. I liked the devlogs/explanations behind the levels - I feel like they added a lot of personality to the game. I couldn't quite beat the game, though.

Really fun game - feels like a massive boss fight. Visuals and tone are nailed down really well in my opinion.

Simple concept and visuals but extremely well executed. Followed the theme really well - there's practically nothing to complain about. Overall, really good submission!

Really nice art, and a good variety of enemies. Game was simple but fun.

Normally I leave reviews that aren't serious such as "Peak Gaming - Biggie" but this is by far the best jam game I have played as of yet. This is the type of game I would buy a full release of. There is a lot to be very proud of here. - Biggie

Peak Gaming - Biggie

Wish there were more end videos.

Wonderful concept, well executed. Gets a little tedious at points, when you accidentally die, or with how slow moving as the platforms can, but was enjoyable nonetheless.

Weirdly addicting for such a simple game. The tigers seemed to be very buggy, couldn't manage to get any humans just yet, and the animals generally sometimes got themselves stuck if their target got deleted. If not the most mechanically interesting game, it definitely got a laugh out of us.

Having to start over from the beginning after each death would have been an issue were the game longer, and the art was sometimes a tad disorientating, but shows a lot of promise.

Softlocked myself too often to beat the game, but the concept was really unique! Solid submission.

Nice idea. 

Really good puzzle design for 48 hours. Art and music was nice. Beginning was a bit slow, but wasn't too difficult to beat. Good job :)

Peak Gaming - Biggie

We talked on discord so I don't have anything else to say. Good submission though!

Extremely polished game - as others have said the atmosphere was nailed down to great effect thanks to the fantastic art direction.

Connection to the theme is as clear as can be. My only critique is that I feel like the puzzles may have lacked depth a little bit (although the placing light posts mechanic did help to reduce that problem a lot.)

Overall, it was an extremely fun and impressive submission!

A pretty short game, and despite the lack of audio it was really fun! I can see the theme being followed at least narratively (the rats share a bond of some sort?), but gameplay wise there's no clear connection, and I feel like there was some lost potential there for a unique game mechanic.

The art was also impressive for a jam game as well. It was really satisfying as a player to use the abilities on a horde right when they're about to completely trap you. Looking forward to what you make next!

An unbelievably innovative and fun game. I really don't have anything else to say about it other than keep to it up! Five stars all around.

Was a pretty difficult game at first but I got the hang of it quickly. I liked it, and there was a clear connection to the theme. I do feel like there could have been done with the game mechanic to take advantage of the theme, but aside from that it was a good game!

Tutorial was really, really well done. I had difficulty grabbing the "hook points" at the yellow levels despite pressing the button to hook them which had made it a little bit frustrating so I couldn't complete it after many, many attempts. The art and music was really nice as well. Overall a really decent game! Would love to see a full version!

The game is polished, and works well, although I feel like the biggest critique I have is the lack of an engaging/interesting core gameplay mechanic. I feel like there was a lot of potential here.

But considering it's your first game jam submission it's certainly very impressive especially for a solo effort, and a fun game for what it is.

The art style is definitely the strongest aspect of the game here. It definitely stands out from the other submissions in that regard. Overall a decent submission! I look forward to seeing what you make next!

Cute game and concept, although I felt like the puzzles were too obvious at times. If that were to be fixed I think the game would have improved a lot. Other than that I enjoyed it! The ending sequence was really cool!

Artwork is simple and effective as other players have said. Connection to the theme is probably the strongest so far that I've seen as well. There's a lot of potential to the concept of this game, but personally I felt like the game could have been more difficult. Overall, a very decent submission! I did have fun.

Art direction could have much been better to be honest, but for what it is it was a short and enjoyable experience. It was a good concept and a fun game overall!

Here's our game! Is a constellation-themed roguelike!

Thank you for letting us know of the issue. Unfortunately, we cannot update the download until the jam this game was made for ends, but until then the instructions here may be able to help:

When you finally master a mechanic as a player, it feels rewarding. I think that without the difficulty that reward would have been removed.

Only critique is that it wasn't clear when my katana was "charged/full" so I often clicked when I couldn't attack because I wasn't keeping track of the top left of the screen.

Aside from that, gameplay is polished and it feels good to play as well. Great game.

This was a really neat puzzle game! You really used the concept of seperate body parts joining together very effectively. The mechanics were taught well and the puzzles were well designed. They never felt obvious nor too difficult, and it was always really enjoyable to solve. This might be my favourite submission so far.

My only criticism would be better sound effects - you could hear them cut off when they finished playing - and some music. It felt empty and almost eerie without music, with only the sound of machinery. Otherwise, this was an impressive game for only 48 hours. Looking forward to seeing more games from you guys, and I hope Mark sees this one!

First of all, the visuals on this game are probably the best I've seen in a game jam game. It's definitely very much appreciated that this much effort was put into the visuals. The choice of music was great as well and did a lot for the tone of the game.

It was a little bit difficult to play at first because I couldn't see obstacles in front of me until I had already run into them, but I eventually got the hang of it. This was really fun to play and very well polished. Great job!

(this was a bug I found in case you guys wanna fix it - I just dived straight down and this happened lol)

This was a really cool game! I could definitely see this being turned into a mobile game with a little bit more polish. The visuals actually fit the nonsensical tone very well (maybe unintentionally, but a good thing nonetheless)

Flying around felt great, and the addition of the map was very much appreciated and a great choice.

Other than that, really good submission - I had fun!

Amazing submission. Games that are easy to learn but hard to master are beyond the best in my opinion. The amount of polish put into this game is really impressive, and I had a lot of fun. Kudos to your team!

I wasn't really able to beat this game since it was so difficult, but it was pretty cool nonetheless.

My main criticism would be that the controls feel really slow and unresponsive, and some of the puzzles felt arbitrary.

Everything else was good and well used. It wasn't clear that I could switch to Hunter until I read the review below.

Other than that, the narrative was also nice. Looking at your profile, it seems like this is your first game jam attempt, so great job on completing your game! Very few people manage to do it and it's a very impressive accomplishment.

There will definitely be updates if the game does well, and getting the MacOS version to work is our first priority in that case.

Really cool game! I think it's reminiscent of agario in terms of gameplay but I love the artstyle and the atmosphere here, and it indeed is a relaxing game.

Wow. I'm pretty sure this is the most impressive game jam game I've ever played. Amazing job - from the design to writing and especially music.