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Try number keys that are upper the keyboard, not the keypad on the right

Nice game.

I rated it, can you rate mine.

Well done. 🔥

Glad you liked it.

Thank you.

I think you have to install on chrome from a cmd-line to lunch any game directly, i’m not sure cause i don’t have linux but this what I understood.

I rated it, can you rate my game .

I didn’t like the way to choose gravity, with arrow keys would be better, but I liked the design and the idea.

Well done.

already done, rate my game.

Excellent music, the design was very beautiful, I wish the game was more longer.

can you rate my game.

The design was not too good, but the concept and utilization of theme are great.

I rated yours, can you check my game.

5 stars to design for sure, cause drawings and their animation are very good. But the difficulty it’s very easy.

Good Job.

done, now can you rate mine

it was so confusing, I didn’t know where to go or what’s the goal, it would be better if you put instructions or something, and the gravity must be fixed. in other hand it matched the theme good.

Thank you for your comment.


Thanks for playing.

Done, rate mine.

Well done.

There was some bugs, like the ball spam trigger inside triangle, and if you turn on the squares while you are on them you get stuck. But the game overall and puzzles were amazing. Can you rate my game too.

the intro story was very long, but the game is fun , good overall, can you also rate my game .

The game has a special concept, but it needs just some improvements to be great, nice job.

I hope you too rate my game.

I finished experienced difficulty in 34 seconds without using ability, Nice game

Very good concept.

The puzzles are so impressive, love it.

I love it, fun game.

The sound effects matched very well with the music, good job.

Amazing game, well done.

Fantastic game, good job.

Thnx for playing. ^-^

It was consfusing at first, but it is a wonderful game.

It was consfusing at first, but it is a wonderful game.

It would be better if you add animation and make him jump higher, but anyway it is a good game, and characters design is very amazing.

Really cool game, I very enjoyed playing it.

It was very fun to play this game, the music and sound effects are perfect.

I love Difficult games, and the music is very relaxing . 🙂

The design of levels is good, and their difficulty is not very complex. Nice