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Source included.  Models done in blender.  Audio generated in bfxr.  Font made in fontstruct.  Intro song done in beepbox.  2D models, UI layout items done in gimp.

Main game song made by Kevin (see above).

It's a very unique concept, very minimal. I had a hard time understanding what it asking me to do, the colour guide helped at the start! Would love to see it after a few iterations

Cute little all-in-one game. Poor salmon! did not see that coming :P

Couldn't get it to move beyond the title screen, keyboard / mouse kinda just didnt work. But I really like the initial art, would love to see where you go with it :)

Very neat idea, oddly creepy. Don't make the mistake of looking the wrong direction too long (I kept trying to pick the lock). Or the black tall demon thing will eat you :) Add screenshots, the game looks great! I love the artwork, you should show it off more :)

Nice'y done! That's a lot of work done in 48hours, nice work :)

I enjoyed playing with this, it was submitted really quickly after the jam started though, older project getting new life maybe? I liked that it was different though.

I wasn't really expecting this, it was really well done, especially in 9MB. Nicely done.