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An excellent little game! Nicely challenging, really made me think!

I unlocked the stuck behind toilet secret ending! Fun times!

May tony enjoy cheese puffs for the rest of his days! Cute art style, very clean, very fun! Nice!

Reveal to me how this horse arrived on the chessboard!

Fun little game :D

The perfect balance of fun and frustration! 

MY HEAD HURTS (5/5 would hurt again)

Cute little game! Glad I got the fish for Mao!

I survived 27 rounds! Very fun!

Cool art style! Felt like I died super fast every time :/

High score 1382! Fun game!

How you crammed all these genres into one game jam is beyond me! NICE :D

Pretty fun :)

A fun little game, took me a few tries to get the hang of the rotating controls but I got there in the end and SHUT OFF THE DAMN MUSIC :D


+10 for voice acting

Not bad for a first game!

Nice and simple! Much fun! Was the high score 64 though? I couldn't seem to get higher...

Nice idea for a mechanic! Had a lot of fun :D

Super fun, super simple! Nice work :D

Thoroughly enjoyable! A great twist on the classic typing genre! Nice work :D

Interesting art!

Pretty fun, quite challenging! :) got a high score of 145

Damn I played this for a looooong time. A lot of fun!

I was going to make a post in the discord, but Sam's disabled the chat rooms!

First of all, thanks to the Yogscast for hosting! this was a blast - my second game jam and I had SO MUCH FUN.

Thanks to everyone who submitted for their tremendous effort - every game that I played put a smile on my face!

Really looking forward to next year's jam (if there is one!)

I'm doing some further dev of Pole Patrol ( on stream this evening - feel free to drop by and say hi!

Thanks again everyone! See you in future Jams!

The visuals are AWESOME

Nice work with the AI!

I served the trash king his trash. He was appeased. Nice game, quirky!

Be sure to check out my team's game if you have time!

Thanks for playing our game! Glad you enjoyed!

Thanks for the feedback! And thanks for playing our game!


Cheers buh <3

Real nice! Fun mechanic - I loved it when I got lucky and bounced a present into the chimney :D

You may have already but if not, be sure to check out Pole Patrol!

Thanks for playing bro <3

Fun little game, the ending was funny!

Be sure to check out my team's game if you have time!

Cool ittle game - I like the success sound effect! did you make it yourself?

Be sure to check out my team's game if you have time!


Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing!