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Controls are a bit clumsy, but the game works really well. Nice job ^^

I'm a simple man : I hear synthwave, I press like.

Jokes apart, the game is quite rough, but functionnal. Nice job ^^

The game was very fun and clever ! Now you just need to get better graphics and music (I had no audio during my playthrough, I don't know if it's how it's supposed to be)

Same as the last comment. The concept is clever is well executed but is to sooooooooo hard right from the start ! I noticed the first level is in fact named "level 8". Maybe you had indeed 7 easier levels that don't appear. If so that's very sad :(

Too bad the game has no artistic direction. Otherwise it is clever and interesting ! i really liked the storytelling throughout the game.

It's not that the game is bad, it's that there is no game at all. You have a functionning mechanic (and it works, good job on that), but unfortunately that's not enough. It lacks every other aspect of a game. Maybe you wanted to enter your first jam and pull out something no matter what. But I'm afraid you rushed a few key steps. I'm sure you can do way better next time. Don't lose faith and work harder ! ;)

The idea is nice, but the choice you made making the machine "out of control" hurts the game and it's mechanic. It's funny to throw around workers to empty your bucket, but I would have prefered to play the game without this twist, mainly used, I guess, to fit the theme.

Otherwise I liked the game and its concept !

The main problems are the title and the title screen of the game x)

I really enjoyed my run ! Nicely colored bullets and upbeat music create a very enthralling ambiance.

Good job !

Very funny game with impressive physics ! Good job ! =)

Your choice of making the maze change each steps fits the theme, but I think this is a bad design idea. As a player, being in the dark is already a difficulty to face. Adding the difficulty of not knowing where you are (even if you use the candles) makes the game really confusing and difficult (at least for me). Anyway the game is nice otherwise ! Good luck for your future projects.

Original and funny ! GG's  :)

The main problem I have is that the game is really unclear. I did the tutorial, and then launched the game. But I did not understand the goal of the game. If it is to survive, why is there so few hazards ? The level design did not help me to find the answer either.

I think you have to work on how you can make things more clear to the player. Thank you for your work and good luck for your next project !

Very nice idea, and super clever level design ! The game may be too hard though.