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For the itch app to work, you have to mark it as a windows build

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Hey. Very nice! Good and simple idea and it was really really fun! 5 Stars :)

Great Idea and it was fun to play :) 

Very nice. I really liked the cats :) I especially enjoed a bug where the box floated out of scene with cats inside :)

Good job :)

I could not play the game as my computer was not able to :( The installation was really large. To bad. It looked promising

I liked the game. The idea was good and the cucumber enemies are fun. Its a bit tough that mistakes are punished by making the game harder. Good job :)

It was fun to play. Your voice overs help to explain whats happening. The inverted controlls are nice, but i was stuck fighting the virus. I could not jump anymore after i defeated (?) it. Good job