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Hey everyone we just released our Game A Week entry #1 Spell Wars! A spin on the classic rock, paper, scissors but with magic! We are doing this Game A Week challenge in order to keep our skills sharp and to improve while working on our bigger projects.

Please feel free to leave feedback and or comments!

We hope you all enjoy our first Game A Week entry Spell Wars!




  • Gamepad support!!!
  • Don't Panic but a new enemy was added.


  • Fixed the player getting stuck on walls.
  • Fixed enemy spawning on top of each other.
  • You can always shoot now. As you move your accuracy will get hindered a bit, but if you stay still you it will be more accurate.

Thanks for the bug report! I will try to fix it for the next update! :)


  • No longer have to install. Just download and play!
  • Enemies will flash before being able to kill you.


  • Added scoring system. Now keeps track of your score and how many levels you have completed.
  • No longer have to click to shoot. Hold down left mouse button to shoot. Made this change to make it more dual stick shooter like for when I make it compatible with a controller.

Post all bug related issues and feedback you have for the game here! :)

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Hey everyone I just put up a prototype of a game I am working on called Don't Panic and I would love some feedback from the community to help make the game the best it can be :)

Update: Added in music!


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So is any game we put on itch.io through the refinery? I just recently put a game up in prototype status so was just wondering.