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Thank you very much for the feedback! I am seriously thinking on working more on it, since it is having very similar comments! I was also a bit sad of not being able to work in more levels, since everything is there to do so.

Hi! Thanks for your feedback! The versatile verbs concept is implemented via having to "press space" to do everything :D

Yes! That's a bug ^^ but I can't fix it post-jam sadly D: The game is easy, yes. I was short on time and had to cut features and couldn't work on more levels, but I might rework on it to add more levels when the jam is over.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Thanks! :)

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Thanks for the feedback! Yes! I would have wanted to make more levels and more block types, but I got short on time and when I was making the last level my vision was already blurry =.= - I might think on working on it more. and add a few features.

P.D.: The spikes were a late addition! The game is somehow prepared to make more simple blocks. I might work on it to add tooltips they lack.

Really, I totally loved this one, you have my hundreds.

Glad to know it works! First of all, thanks for the feedback.

About the walls/unseen thing, yep, I thought it could be better to let them to be the same color, but I'll take that in mind.

About the navigation thing, zombies just know about a few hundreds of pixels around and player position, so they're a bit blind. I just took this jam to implement boids, map generation was not planned but definitely a good feature in the end. It would have been good to code a higher level pathfinding thing with an A* or something for each group of zombies, but I had so little time. I was on my own for everything (code, graphics and music) but for the main screen (a friend did it). Also, I had a little more than half a day consumed by work, so I couldn't spend as much time as I wanted into this.

About the footprints and bloodstains, yay! it would definitely be a good enhancement. I'll take it if I decide to rework the game a little.

Again, thank you very much for the feedback!

Ooops! sorry, I forgot to tell that you need love 0.9.2. I also use Ubuntu 14.04, and I installed it from this PPA: https://launchpad.net/~bartbes/+archive/ubuntu/love-stable

Anyway, I'm going to place a note at game description. Thanks for telling! ;)

So cool! I loved this one.