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all the success and best results to you, my man, really looking forward to it! keep cooking

Looking forward to the Definitive Edition release!!! All the best wishes for the future of the Violence series!

great find! thanks!

As a fellow fan, I can say it has been released on Steam!

Mr. Skutnik, thank you for your work on this great series and for bringing back such an important part of my childhood!!! Loved finding the games through your site, and playing them again through the Collection!

Can't wait to play protoViolence!

Thanks for reading and for your words! 

I hope to live up to the expectations! We hope to continue development soon.

Thank you for these! First downloaded them on Lemma Soft Forums.

Thanks! Will keep work up!

Setting out to play the game now, really loking forward to it!

Finished playing Chapter 1, I dug the atmosphere that the tracks set up and the dream-sequence-feel experience the chapter provides. Good luck with your ongoing work!

Ooh alright, thanks for the recommendation! I will try to get a translation out in the near future, hopefully!

I followed you on Twitter earlier (the user is @PertinentWriter), and while it is not as dev-focused a profile as it could be, I believe it works atm. Have a good one.

Really fond of your continued work on KTN! I have been hard at work with the VN I am working on, barely had time for anything else, but it is turning out nicely!

Thanks for the release, looking forward to it!

I assume you reuploaded the game, so I am getting it from here! Played some, I am fond of it! The soundscape feels good as an atmospheric setup.

¡Saludos de Perú! Me alegra ver que se desarrollan proyectos así en Lima.

Congrats on the release of a definitive edition!

Got here from Reddit just now, love the way this is presented, visuals and aesthetic both. Can't wait to give it a shot!

Thanks for the update! Looking forward to delve into Universe for the first time!

Thanks for the updated, revised exports of the games. I always come back to them!

Thanks for the game-trip!

Came here as soon as I saw Submachine being available over here. Longtime follower of the series, can't wait for the rerelease on Steam! Buying this immediately! Thanks for your work, Skutnik.