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Very fun idea! It's amazing how much some personality can add to a word game...

There are a few replies with buggy control codes btw:

Sorry—I just figured out what I was doing wrong! I thought I was supposed to charge up in advance, and *release* when the marker reaches them, but it actually only works if I START charging when the marker reaches them, and release it 2 or 3 beats AFTER it's past them.

It took me a second to figure out all the rules, but now that I've played a few rounds I'm really starting to get into the rhythm of it! The idea's real solid, and the presentation is SO cute... I can't wait to see what comes out of this!!

I don't understand how to defeat the tall things; the tutorial said to charge and release on the beat, but when I try this in the actual game it just says "nothing there"?

never mind, saving and quitting got me back to the middle of the room safely!

there's definitely some kinda one-way wall in the corner of that alcove though, I got stuck again as soon as I went back there

I am loooooooooving this game's whole vibe...

I got stuck where Token #5 is, though? (Near the subway station...) It seems like I'm stuck behind some invisible triangle, is there  any way to warp back to a safe place?

That fixed it, thank you! I had to reset the save file, but now it's all working like it should.

Was playing the Web version. I didn't notice a timer anywhere. I can't say for certain but I'm almost positive I was playing for longer than a minute.

There's nothing to buy after I've bought (and fixed and sold) the first piece of pixel art?

I'm getting ready to publish on Itch for the first time, and I'm publishing something that requires the XNA runtime.

I'm reading the docs that suggest I should upload an installed copy and list the prerequisite (rather than uploading the installer which installs the prerequisite too), and, this sounds great if the user is using the Itch app, but I can't find anything that explains what would happen if they were to download it through their web browser? Would a user downloading from the webpage just not get the prerequisites and be unable to run it?

Did this ever get anywhere? I still have a 'roaming/itch/downloads' folder that's nearly as big as my 'roaming/itch/apps' folder...

(Also, inexplicably, there are 58 items in my downloads folder, but only 35 items in my apps folder, and only 30 items listed as installed in my Itch client?)

I ran off the edge of the world!! At the first place where you can become macro, if you ride the girl all the way up, and the enby is inflated, they can jump to the right and land on top of the world and eventually run behind a black wall and get stuck!

Also THIS GAME IS SUPER CUTE.<3 Thank you for making it!

Is there anything special for getting all 65? I only had 60 by the end…

It seems like the 'main menu' button on the game over screen never works for me?

I guess I should clarify, I'm using an Oculus Rift on Windows 10.

I tried playing the VR build, but as soon as I got in-game, the whole world would pivot around my head as I looked around. (Also, my point of view was way up so my head was touching the ceiling of the carage, which I suspect isn't intended?)

In the fourth eavesdropped conversation in the library (over the board game), one of the characters says "pause 5", and then the next few lines of dialogue come very quickly. I'm assuming this is some formatting typo :)

This game is flagged as "potentially mailcious" under BitDefender... I'm sure it's fine, but you might want to submit it to their "false positive" page so people can play this offline.

Working now, thanks :)

same problem on Win 7 for me, all I get is a cityscape that scrolls when I use the left/right arrow keys

BitDefender is claiming the zip contains "Gen:Variant.Zbot.17"...

But in better news, I didn't have the mushroom-picking bug this time, so hopefully that means one of the updates fixed it :) Lovely game, thank you for it.

So I just tried the game again to see if the mushroom-picking bug was fixed, but instead, as soon as I finished the opening dialogue, my character started walking to the left automatically, and I couldn't stop it, I could only steer it slightly with the joystick on my gamepad (Xbox One controller). It happened to me three times in a row, then I tried it again with my gamepad disconnected and it was fine.

ok, the 'esc' trick isn't working a second time, so I guess I have to give up for now

Hello -- I'm on Version 1.0.3, and I'm still having the mushroom-picking-up bug, and I might have some info about it: for me, as soon as I hit the 'esc' key, the mushroom got picked up (and the menu did NOT open, until I hit 'esc' a second time)! Hope that helps in tracking it down...

Does it matter what day I'm on?

Spoil, please! I've looked everywhere...