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A member registered Mar 11, 2015

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It seems like the 'main menu' button on the game over screen never works for me?

I guess I should clarify, I'm using an Oculus Rift on Windows 10.

Created a new topic VR build is broken

I tried playing the VR build, but as soon as I got in-game, the whole world would pivot around my head as I looked around. (Also, my point of view was way up so my head was touching the ceiling of the carage, which I suspect isn't intended?)

Created a new topic Minor dialogue bug

In the fourth eavesdropped conversation in the library (over the board game), one of the characters says "pause 5", and then the next few lines of dialogue come very quickly. I'm assuming this is some formatting typo :)

Posted in Xob comments

This game is flagged as "potentially mailcious" under BitDefender... I'm sure it's fine, but you might want to submit it to their "false positive" page so people can play this offline.

Working now, thanks :)

same problem on Win 7 for me, all I get is a cityscape that scrolls when I use the left/right arrow keys

BitDefender is claiming the zip contains "Gen:Variant.Zbot.17"...

But in better news, I didn't have the mushroom-picking bug this time, so hopefully that means one of the updates fixed it :) Lovely game, thank you for it.

Posted in Bugs and Errors

So I just tried the game again to see if the mushroom-picking bug was fixed, but instead, as soon as I finished the opening dialogue, my character started walking to the left automatically, and I couldn't stop it, I could only steer it slightly with the joystick on my gamepad (Xbox One controller). It happened to me three times in a row, then I tried it again with my gamepad disconnected and it was fine.

ok, the 'esc' trick isn't working a second time, so I guess I have to give up for now

Posted in Bugs and Errors

Hello -- I'm on Version 1.0.3, and I'm still having the mushroom-picking-up bug, and I might have some info about it: for me, as soon as I hit the 'esc' key, the mushroom got picked up (and the menu did NOT open, until I hit 'esc' a second time)! Hope that helps in tracking it down...

Does it matter what day I'm on?

Spoil, please! I've looked everywhere...